TSS - GSAS Student Union Eligibility

GSAS Student Union Eligibility

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First Published  :Thu Jun 13 19:19:14 GMT 2019
Last Modified  :Thu Jun 13 20:25:51 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Thu Jun 13 20:25:51 GMT 2019
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Primary Information

    The Pay Group for a Graduate Student in the Union is GST versus non-Union Graduate Student is CST. Departments need to determine whether or not someone is included in the Grad Student Union and can then make any needed adjustments by Terming the existing job through the eServe Workforce Portal and entering a new Job through ePAF.

    The Graduate Student Union Job Code of 9011U versus the non-Union Job Code of 9900.

    See Vertical Decision Tree for GSAS Student Union Eligibility

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