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First Published  :Mon Jul 17 19:40:55 GMT 2017
Last Modified  :Thu Oct 04 20:20:06 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Thu Oct 04 16:07:42 GMT 2018
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Primary Information

    Open Enrollment for PostDoc Medical elections was Aug 9th -Aug 28th,  2018. Elections made will be effective Sept 1st 2018. Elections will be made on eServe.
    Key points to remember
    •  New Medical Benefit vendor will be Blue Cross Blue Shield, it is no longer Aetna.
    • Only the medical benefit can be elected during this period, dental and FSA will Open Enrollment will take place with the rest of the University in November.
    • This is an active open enrollment meaning: PostDocs will need to make an election on eServe or their coverage will be waived.
    • The Individual coverage is still at no cost to the PostDoc. Two Person: $624.16/per Month. Family: $942.83/Per month.
    Vendor Information:
    Blue Cross Blue Shield Member Services- 1-800-358-2227
    Hours of Operation- M-F 8am to 6pm ET

    New Hire Enrollment:
    PostDoc New Hires are able to make their New Hire Elections on eServe within 31 days of their start date. 

    For more information about Medical benefits enrollment, including adding a Dependent or changing Benefits due to a Qualified Status Change, contact Cynthia Linton (617-636-2701). TSS will process the Medical Plan Payroll Deductions and the Qualified Status Changes.

    For information about Dental coverage, please see Post Doc Dental Coverage.

    Questions pertaining to other benefits (403b, FSA, Commuter) should be directed to Tufts Support Services

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