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Joint Appointment at Tufts

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First Published  :Wed Jun 01 19:47:42 GMT 2016
Last Modified  :Tue Sep 11 19:51:14 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Tue Sep 11 19:51:14 GMT 2018
Summary :  Describes joint appointments, the , FAQs and who to contact for more information


Primary Information

    A joint appointment reflects a fiscal and time commitment in more than one school, college, department or center and is usually a collaboration between Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center.

    The Joint Appointment Process is detailed as follows:

    Joint Appointment forms must always be accompanied by a PAF and sent directly to TSS via e-mail at TSS@tufts.edu. A case will be created and then each PAF and Joint Appointment form will be forwarded to OVPR/post-award via Salesforce.

    Each PAF should Identify:

    Job Code: 0105 (JA special code)

    Labor Distribution:

         •DeptId: U000001

         •Percentage: 0%

         •JA Code:

              –JA1135: Tufts Employee working at TMC

              –JA1136: Tufts Employee working at TMCPO (Tufts Medical Center Physician's Organization - aka Pratt).

             JA2127: TMC Employee working at Tufts University

              –JA2128: TMCPO Employee working at Tufts University

    The appropriate JA DeptID for each department using the correct percent of effort should be listed in the distribution section.

    In the comment/remark section on both the JA form and PAF, a short description of the action should be provided .

         • Example 1:

              –Buddy XYZ is a Tufts University Employee on JA1135 & DeptID M123456. Tufts University will be reimbursed by TMC.

         •Example 2:

              –Buffy MPH is a TMC Employee on JA2127 & Tufts University will reimburse TMC for 10% effort for time supporting XXX project.

    Please contact your OVPR Post Award Specialist with any Questions regarding the Joint Appointment Process or email deena.strabone@tufts.edu

Related Information

    PAF’s for Tufts University employee’s issued in the following instances should submitted directly to TSS:

    Reflecting an Increase / Decrease in FTE for an employee

    Reflecting a Name change

    Reflecting a Job Title Change

    Reflecting a Home Department Change

    Reflecting a merit increase

    Increasing/Decreasing Base Pay for Tufts University employee’s

    Reflecting changes in Labor Distribution (if grant related or retroactive & grant related, then TSS will submit to SPA)

    Reflecting Leave, Maternity, Sick, Parental, etc.

    Reflecting Separation from Tufts University

    New Hire PAF’s with or without Joint Appointments with necessary documentation.


    PAF’S for Tufts Medical Center (TMC) Employee’s

    All TMC or TMCPO Joint Appointment forms must be accompanied by a Tufts University PAF and sent to TSS via e-mail at TSS@tufts.edu.  If the TMC or TMCPO Employee is new to the Joint Appointment Process or re-hire after termination, the PAF, must be accompanied by a Joint Appointment Form as well as an  I-9  and TSS will forward to SPA via Salesforce.


    All PAF’s and Joint Appointments with changes for TMC or TMCPO Employee’s reflecting changes in Distribution should be submitted to TSS via e-mail at TSS@tufts.edu  and TSS will forward to SPA via Salesforce.


    Joint Appointment forms must be signed by both Tufts Medical Center and Tufts University



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