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Data Warehouse Access

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First Published  :Tue Sep 16 16:49:23 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed Mar 07 22:01:53 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Wed Mar 07 22:01:53 GMT 2018
Summary :  To view Data Warehouse PeopleSoft Reports


Primary Information

    If a user is looking for Peoplesoft Financial Data (Financial, Labor, E-Expense reports  for a given DeptID, Grant or Project) they can contact the Budget Center for access (they have access to PeopleSoft Row-Level Security (RLS) panel which control access to the DW for Peoplesoft Financial Data ONLY).  There is a nightly feed of data (transactions) along with the RLS.  This nightly RLS feed controls access to the DW by creating business object accounts (as needed) then applying DeptID, Grant, Project access for that user.  

    There is no formal application to complete for Data Warehouse access, but the employee must be regular staff or if a Temp, must be hired as a Person of Interest (POI) and request in the PAF Remarks- "Access to PeopleSoft Finance".

    Training for Data Warehouse reports is available through the following Tip Sheets:
    Data Warehouse Financial Reports Tip Sheet
    Data Warehouse Travel Expense Tip Sheet

    We also suggest that it may be helpful to reach out to a colleague in your department, as they may use the system differently and in unique ways, thus it may be helpful to receive training from a member of your department instead, or in addition to, the guidance in the Tip Sheets.
    If further assistance is needed after checking these resources, please contact your Budget Center representative.  If you have specific questions regarding Pcard transactions, our procurement team may be able to decipher the vendor transaction description and offer assistance.


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