TSS - Checking the Status of a Report in e-Expense

Checking the Status of a Report in e-Expense

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First Published  :Thu Sep 18 13:57:26 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed Mar 08 21:45:35 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Wed Mar 08 21:45:35 GMT 2017
Summary :  how an e-expense user can inquire to the status of an expense report.


Primary Information

    To check the status of an e-Expense report:
    1. log into e-Expense: https://tufts.apptricityondemand.com
    2. If you are a surrogate, click “Change Role” to search for a report on behalf of a traveler
    3. Click on Expense Reports, then click on My Expense Reports
    4. Click “Clear” then “Search”
    5. A list of reports will show. Hover over the report you want to review and click “Open”
    Summary of Invoice Status Options
    Invoice StatusDescription
    OpenUser created report but it has not been submitted for approval
    Accounts PayableVoucher has been created in PeopleSoft
    DeniedReport has been denied
    SubmittedReport waiting for approval
    ApprovedReport has been approved
    Audit ApprovedPre-Audit approved
    ExportedReport file created for transmission to PeopleSoft
    The direct deposit cycle for reimbursement occurs on Monday & Thursday.  After that, it takes 2 banking days before it arrives in the employee’s account.  Approved reports are fed nightly from Apptricity to PSoft.  So for example, if a report is fully approved on a Thursday it is fed that night, the EFT cycle runs on Monday and the employee receives it Wednesday in their bank account.

    To check the status of a Paper Report contact tss@tufts.edu.

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