TSS - Suppliers (Vendors) in PeopleSoft:

Suppliers (Vendors) in PeopleSoft:

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First Published  :Thu Sep 18 18:58:36 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Thu Sep 21 19:51:32 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Thu Sep 21 19:51:32 GMT 2017
Summary :  Information pertaining to adding a supplier to our financial system for payment purposes.


Primary Information

    In order to make a payment or place an order with a supplier, the individual/company must first be added to PeopleSoft Finance system. The requirements differ depending on status.

    Verifying Whether a Supplier/Individual exists in PeopleSoft

    Before you can pay a supplier, you need to be sure a supplier exists in PeopleSoft.  To verify whether a supplier exists in the system, contact tss@tufts.edu.

    Please note that individuals are in PeopleSoft with the last name,first name (Doe,John).  Once a supplier exists in PeopleSoft, they will be available in eREQ.  If you cannot see a supplier in eREQ, it may be because it does not yet exist in the system or because it is inactive.  If inactive, please ask to REACTIVATE the vendor (a new W9 IS needed).

    Adding a New Supplier/Individual

    US Citizen, US Company, or Resident Alien

    • Fill out a W9 Purchasing (aka VCF) if a purchase order will be issued (vendor certification for corporations or independent contractors)
    • Fill out a W9-AP for payments via check vouchers to individuals for Honorariums, Stipends, Scholarships, Fellowships and awards.
    • Send documents to TSS.

    International Individual

    • To add an individual that is not a US Citizen, US Company, or Resident Alien, whether the work is being done in the U.S. or abroad, most often you would fill out the W8BEN Also submit the Alien Payment Form.
    • See also the corresponding article for payments to Non-Resident Aliens.  

    International Supplier/Company

    Modifying a Supplier

    Address, Email Address, Bank Account or Form of Payment
    If a supplier address needs to be modified, the Vendor Change Form must be completed and returned to TSS. Contact TSS to obtain the form.
    Supplier Name/Tax ID or Status change
    If the Supplier/Individual has a name or tax id change a new form (W9 or W-8BEN-E ) is required.  Please see above “Adding a new Supplier” for guidance on which form(s) need to be filled out by the Supplier along with the Vendor Change Form. Contact TSS for the applicable forms.

    Inactive Suppliers
    TSS will only automatically deactivate a Supplier if set up for "One Time Payment" or if there is no activity for an extended period of time (3+ years). In order to reactivate the Supplier, please notify TSS of your request and resubmit the applicable forms.


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