TSS - Trouble Using Apptricity Mobile Application in e-Expense

Trouble Using Apptricity Mobile Application in e-Expense

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First Published  :Tue Sep 23 17:59:48 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Thu Apr 20 21:46:28 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Thu Apr 20 21:46:28 GMT 2017
Summary :  Provides information should a traveler experience difficulty with the Apptricity app on their mobile device.


Primary Information

    Please be mindful that the “app” does not have the full functionality of the website.
    Things you can do using the app:
    • add images to an existing report
    • approve an existing report
     Things you cannot do using the app:
    • create a new report
    • submit an existing one
    • approve a pre-trip request

    If you are having trouble with e-Expense app on a mobile device, check to make sure the URL is correct. The correct URL utilizes HTTPS (note the s), and is https://tufts.apptricityondemand.com/.  
    Sometimes when there is an upgrade on your phone the app will need to be deleted and re-installed.

    Using a browser on a mobile device to access e-Expense
    *You cannot use a browser on your phone to access e-Expense*
    If you click on the link from an e-mail on your phone the browser will not work.  If you are using a tablet it will work.

    Best Practices for the e-Expense Mobile Application:
    The Apptricity app for e-Expense allows you to add receipts to your expense report while you are on your trip. You first need to create an expense report using the web application (https://tufts.apptricityondemand.com). If you use pre-trip approvals, an expense report is automatically created once the pre-trip is approved.


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