TSS - Declined Corporate Card/PCard

Declined Corporate Card/PCard

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First Published  :Tue Sep 23 18:49:23 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Feb 16 14:14:40 GMT 2016
Last Published  :Tue Feb 16 14:14:40 GMT 2016
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    What to do when your Corporate Card or PCard has been declined

    For security reasons, Tufts does not give your social security number nor mother’s maiden name to the bank.

    If your card is being declined, you will need to contact the bank (JP Morgan Chase) at 800-316-6056.

    The bank will verify your identity by asking for (1) your Employee ID number (which you should enter in lieu of your social security number) and (2) the password you selected on your application to obtain the Corporate Card/PCard.

    Please keep in mind that the PCard can’t be used for travel related expenses (i.e. hotels, car rentals).  The transaction limit is $5,000.

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