TSS - Where to Send an Invoice?

Where to Send an Invoice?

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First Published  :Wed Sep 24 16:29:09 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed May 16 17:37:08 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Wed May 16 17:37:08 GMT 2018
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    Invoices should have purchase order numbers printed and be sent directly from a supplier to:

    Tufts Support Services
    Accounts Payable
    62R Talbot Ave
    Medford, MA  02155

    If the invoice is over $5,000 TSS will request approval from the Department who submitted the Purchase Order.

    If an invoice is received by a department, it should be sent to Tufts Support Services, 62R Talbot Avenue, Medford, or via email at tss@tufts.edu, or via fax, 617-627-7001.  

    Generally, invoices are processed for payment (entered into PeopleSoft) within five days of receipt at Accounts Payable.  

    Payment terms are either Net 10 or Net 45 unless specifically negotiated by the Purchasing Department (not TSS).

     If an invoice is sent to TSS along with a request to create an E-REQ, the Procurement representative will print the Invoice and forward to Accounts Payable for processing after the eReq is created.


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