TSS - What to do if Injured at Work

What to do if Injured at Work

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First Published  :Sun Nov 09 17:40:35 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Feb 05 02:48:13 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Wed Nov 21 20:45:29 GMT 2018
Summary :  This article describes what steps to follow if one is injured while at work at Tufts.


Primary Information

    - Please go to http://finance.tufts.edu/risk-ins/workers-compensation-program/ and fill out the two forms under “How are claims filed?” and then remit the completed documents to TSS@Tufts.edu. Both documents should be completed to the best of your ability and anything you are unsure of or do not know, please leave blank. The important thing is that the incident is reported as quickly as possible and any missing information can be added at a later date.
    - Under Workers Compensation law, you can file the claim in the state you work in, were hired in or were injured in. If a choice of state filing applies to you, please indicate which state you wish to pursue your claim under when completing the documents. Even if you choose to file outside of Massachusetts, please complete both forms as the information on the Massachusetts form will still be needed to file your claim with the proper state.
    - For Massachusetts claims, you will be contacted by an adjuster from PMA Companies to assist with your work related injury. For claims in all other states, you will be contacted by an adjuster from The Hartford.
    - If your work related injury will take you out of work for 3 or more days, please have your supervisor/manager fill out the appropriate PAF’s as required by Human Resources. Any questions regarding the PAF process should be directed to HR.

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