TSS - Inquiry on Job Requisition Status

Inquiry on Job Requisition Status

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First Published  :Fri Nov 21 02:29:51 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Apr 18 04:00:51 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Tue Apr 18 04:00:51 GMT 2017
Summary :  For use when hiring managers have inquiries about the status of a requisition, how to submit a requisition, how to view candidates for a particular requisition, how to approve a requisition from a recruiter, etc. Information can be found on the Careers at Tufts Website, and on the Taleo Job Aids site. Audience: Staff, Managers


Primary Information

    Careers at Tufts website- Hiring Managers: http://jobs.hr.tufts.edu/

    Taleo job aids: http://hr.tufts.edu/taleo-job-aids/

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