TSS - Termination Processing (Involuntary)

Termination Processing (Involuntary)

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First Published  :Tue Nov 25 22:39:01 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Mon May 07 18:42:27 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Mon May 07 18:42:27 GMT 2018
Summary :  Reference for employees who have payroll-related inquiries when being terminated from their role at the University. Audience: Terminated employees


Primary Information

    There are various reasons why an employee may be terminated. Some examples include: inability to attain the required level of performance in the job; failure to comply with required policies and procedures or standards of professional behavior applicable to employment; or repeated failure to perform required duties and reduction in force. Any termination must be approved by the Vice President for Human Resources or his or her designee, and must be in accordance with established policies and procedures.

    In the Related Information section below, please find COBRA rates and Term Information which may be of assistance during an involuntary termination.

    Please consult with your HR Business Partner for assistance with Involuntary Termination.

    See also Checklist for Manager/Supervisor to follow when there is a Separation: Separation Checklist

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