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Extended Illness Pay (EIP)

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First Published  :Tue Nov 25 23:31:14 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Mon Sep 25 17:16:18 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Thu Aug 24 16:39:46 GMT 2017
Summary :  Reference for all constituents of Tufts with inquiries about Extended Illness Pay during Medical Leave at the University. Audience: Non-exempt employees and staff employees absent more than 20 consecutive days


Primary Information

    Note: This information applies to full-time non-exempt staff employees who work more than 17.5 hours only. For faculty, please see the faculty handbook for the faculty member’s school. For post-docs scholars, please see the post-doc handbook.

    Extended Illness Pay (EIP) supplements sick pay during an approved medical leave of absence.
    All regular, full-time non-exempt employees and employees working more than 17.5 hours per week who have been employed full-time by Tufts for at least one (1) continuous year are eligible for Extended Illness Pay (EIP), at no cost to the employee. Full-time non-exempt employees who work for Tufts only during the academic year are also eligible for EIP, but they can receive EIP only during the academic year. 
    EIP may not be used to supplement Workers’ Compensation benefits.
    EIP is equal to 60% of the employee’s base salary (base salary excludes overtime, shift differential, and supplemental pay), and it applies to scheduled work days and University holidays. Employees may choose to apply accumulated vacation, bonus, and personal days to receive up to 100% of their salary.
    EIP commences after a waiting period of twenty (20) continuous work days, or after all accumulated sick days beyond twenty (20) are exhausted. Should the employee’s sick time be exhausted during the waiting period, an employee may choose to use available vacation and personal time. Any portion of the waiting period not covered by sick, vacation, or personal time will be unpaid. If an employee has more than twenty (20) sick days accumulated, all sick time must be taken/used prior to the commencement of EIP. All sick leave pay (regular and extended) will cease at the end of the employee’s medical leave. Employees seeking to participate in the University's Long Term Disability Plan (LTD) may apply for benefits under that plan while receiving EIP. Contact the Leave Administrator for more information about the coordination of these two benefits.

    If you have questions about medical leave, please call 617-627-7000, inquire about a leave of absence online, or email leaves@tufts.edu.

    Please visit Extended Illness Pay on AccessTufts and the Employee Handbook for information on the University’s policies regarding Extended Illness Pay and other leaves of absence.

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