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First Published  :Tue Nov 25 23:43:48 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed Oct 16 17:07:54 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Wed Oct 16 17:07:54 GMT 2019
Summary :  Reference for all employees with inquiries about parking at Tufts University. Audience: All Employees, Staff, Faculty


Primary Information

    Please reference the Public Safety Website for more information on the University’s policies and regulations regarding university parking. Resources can be found regarding parking permits, parking violations, citations, parking for visitors, etc.

    See also Parking and Payroll Deductions/Parking and EBPA

    All of the Tufts campuses have different parking regulations. You can obtain a parking permit online for Medford/Somerville, Grafton, or the SMFA Mission Hill Garage at https://tufts.t2hosted.com/cmn/index.aspx,

    Tufts does not manage the Boston campus parking nor SMFA at 230 Fenway.

    Boston Campus  -  Tufts Shared Services MONTHLY Parking- as of February 2019
     Tufts Shared Services DAILY Parking- as of February 2019
     Tufts Shared Services STUDENT Parking- as of February 2019

    SMFA 230 Fenway - read more information here.


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