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Vision Care Program

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First Published  :Mon Dec 01 21:09:44 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Feb 05 05:07:43 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Tue Feb 05 05:07:43 GMT 2019
Summary :  Reference for benefits eligible employees who have inquiries about the Vision Insurance Plan. Audience: Benefits Eligible Employees & Dependents


Primary Information

    2019 AccessTufts Benefits Information

    Discount Vision Care Program
    All benefits eligible employees are offered the opportunity to purchase a Discount Vision Care Program, which is administered by EyeMed Vision Care.  While Tufts Health Plan does cover an annual eye exam there is a co-payment, whereas the Vision Plan covers the annual exam in full and also offers significant discounts on frames, lenses, contact lenses, LASIK and PRK Vision Correction Procedures and lens accessories.  The EyeMed’s provider network allows you to choose the best provider to meet your vision needs from a national network of Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Opticians and many leading optical retailers such as LensCrafters, Target Optical and most Pearle and Sears Vision locations.
    All active, regular employees at the University are eligible, provided that you are an exempt or non-exempt employee regularly scheduled to work 17.5 hours or more a week, with a minimum 90 days employment period. 
    or faculty member with at least a half time (as determined by the academic department), two- semester appointment
    See pages 5-8 of the Summary Plan Description for Benefits Eligible Employees for full Eligibility information for Staff, Faculty, Dependents, and Retirees.

    Dependent Eligibility

    Your “dependents” may be eligible for coverage under the University’s Plans providing health, dental, vision, and dependent life insurance. Eligible dependents include your:
    • Spouse. The term "Spouse" includes your legal spouse or a “Domestic Partner.”
    • Ex-spouse. Your ex-spouse may be covered under the Health, Dental and Vision Plans, if:
      •  If the ex-spouse was previously covered by the benefit plans and
      • Is subject to a court order regarding coverage. Court order must be provided to the HR Benefits Office in a timely manner.
    • Your children. The term “children” includes:
      • Your biological children
      • Your legally adopted children
      • Your stepchildren who live with you full time in a regular parent-child relationship,
      • Your foster child, and
      • Any other child permanently living with you for whom you are the legal guardian.
    • In general, children may be covered to their 26th birthday
    • If your child is disabled and over age 26, he or she may be covered for Health, Dental, and Vision if the child meets the following criteria:
      • was enrolled when first eligible to participate and
      • is incapable of self-sustaining employment due to a disability. Documentation may be required.
     If you enroll in the Vision Care Plan, you will receive two Identification cards. If additional cards are required for you or your family members, please contact EyeMed Vision Care's member services department.
    Provider Contact Information

    For a complete list of providers near you, use the Provider Locator on www.eyemedvisioncare.com and choose the SELECT network or call 1-866-299-1358.
    For Lasik providers, call 1-877-5LASER6.
    Fax: 617-627-3615

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