TSS - MMLA (Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act)

MMLA (Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act)

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First Published  :Thu Dec 04 03:32:16 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Mon Sep 25 17:56:52 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Tue Feb 02 14:05:03 GMT 2016
Summary :  Reference for benefits eligible employees who have inquiries about their rights under MMLA as employees of Tufts University. Audience: Benefits Eligible Employees


Primary Information

    Please visit the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website and reference the MCAD (Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination) for more information about MMLA and the proper documentation/process for leaves of absence under this jurisdiction.
    TSS representatives can also direct you to the appropriate location for additional inquiries.
    Tufts Support Services Contact Information:
    62R Talbot Ave
    Medford, MA 02155
    Email: tss@tufts.edu
    Phone: 617.627.7000
    Fax: 617.627.7001
    Web: tss.tufts.edu

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