TSS - Splitting an expense in e-Expense

Splitting an expense in e-Expense

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First Published  :Sat Dec 06 22:20:36 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed Mar 18 13:26:55 GMT 2015
Last Published  :Wed Mar 18 13:26:55 GMT 2015
Summary :  Instructions on how to split an expense with e-Expense


Primary Information

    In order to split an expense between multiple funding sources (deptids or grants) within e-Expense, you will need to follow specific instructions as detailed at http://finance.tufts.edu/accpay/files/eExpenseGuide.pdf#Split.

    If you are using Firefox/Mozilla and you want to use the split expense feature you may receive a block message.  To correct this problem, you'll need to disable protection for the page.

    After clicking on the split button in e-Expense, click the "shield" logo in the URL window, as shown...
    shield logo
    Next, click 'options' and disable protection for now.

    Finally, click Resend. The page will reset itself - and you should then be able to use the split feature.
    resend button


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