TSS - W-9 when Tufts is Payee/Supplier/Vendor (When Tufts is Being Paid)

W-9 when Tufts is Payee/Supplier/Vendor (When Tufts is Being Paid)

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First Published  :Fri Jan 09 21:24:08 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Fri Dec 14 14:46:04 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Fri Dec 14 14:46:04 GMT 2018
Summary :  Where to obtain the Tufts completed W9 when Tufts is the recipient of the payment.


Primary Information

    A completed IRS form W-9 signed by Tufts is provided for your use. 

    Please use this when another institution will be sending a payment to Tufts, as it contains our tax identification number (TIN).

    If someone is making a payment to Tufts, checks should be made payable to Trustees of Tufts College.  Please advise the individual making the inquiry to send the payment to whomever sent the invoice - the address should be noted.  This is important because Tufts University does not have an Accounts Receivable department.  Inquiries about an invoice received from Tufts should be directed to the name noted on the invoice.  The department should send the check with a deposit slip to the Bursar's Office (one on all three campuses and includes SMFA).

    If an external entity inquires about making a wire payment or EFT/ACH (any incoming electronic payment) to Tufts, please read banking information here..  Due to the number of electronic payments we receive each day, please also have the sender include the 7 digit deptid, 4 digit account number and their last name in the Sender Reference section of the electronic payment.

    You can call Treasury at 617-627-3266 if your interest is to pay the university via credit cards.  Some departments are bank qualified to accept them, some not.  Read more about E-Commerce.

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