TSS - When Will Insurance Cards Be Received

When Will Insurance Cards Be Received

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First Published  :Sun Jan 25 16:49:48 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Wed Oct 03 17:30:26 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Wed Oct 03 17:30:26 GMT 2018
Summary :  Information pertaining to health/dental insurance card delivery


Primary Information

    -Medical insurance cards are usually received at employee's homes within 10 business days after the carrier has received enrollment information*. 

    -Dental cards are usually sent to the home address within 15 days of enrollment*. The dental card only issues cards with the subscriber's name on them.  The covered dependent would provide that same card to the dental office and they would be able to verify their coverage using that same member/group ID #'s.

    -EyeMed take approximately 7-10 business days to arrive in the mail.  Two cards will be sent and will have the main subscriber's name (i.e. employee's name) on the card(s) - the covered dependents will use that same card, as the member ID will be the same # for all members.

    Health plan *enrollment information is sent electronically to the carrier every Tuesday.  File feed for Dental plan enrollment information is sent electronically to the carrier every  Tuesday.  File feed for EyeMed is sent every other Tuesday.  When the enrollment is entered in the system will determine when the information is sent to the carriers. See Benefits Feeds for more information.

    Delta Dental Cards:  if you need a replacement card or never received the card upon enrollment, call Delta Dental at 800-872-0500, and follow these prompts.
    Press 2 for Members/Subscribers
    Press 1 to order a new card
    Press 2 to enter subscriber's SSN, then enter SSN
    Press 1 to confirm SSN, then enter DOB upon prompt
    Press 1 to confirm DOB
    Press 6 to order a new card
    Press 1 to have it mailed to the address on file.  The card will arrive in 2-4 weeks.


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