TSS - How do I create a requisition or EREQ?

How do I create a requisition or EREQ?

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First Published  :Wed Feb 18 22:19:10 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Tue Nov 22 14:20:46 GMT 2016
Last Published  :Tue Nov 22 14:20:46 GMT 2016
Summary :  instructions pertaining to online requisitioning


Primary Information

    THE TUFTS ON-LINE REQUISITIONING SYSTEM (E-REQ) is the Tufts electronic requisitioning system with on-line approvals and electronic routing. You can create requisitions, allocate charges to your DeptIDs or grants, in accordance with your specific, authorized profiles and forward these requisitions to on-line approvers in accordance with local and University approval policies. Supporting documentation in electronic format can also be attached to requisitions.  If an invoice is attached to an E-REQ, the procurement representative will forward to Accounts Payable for processing

    A constituent can either make a request to TSS and they will process an order using E-REQ on their behalf, or they can process themselves if system access has been granted. 

    If a requisition is being prepared to hire an independent contractor, a questionnaire will appear to ensure the individual is being hired properly (independent versus being hired as an employee).  You may wish to read the questionnaire in advance if you are preparing an E-REQ of this nature.


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