TSS - Hiring a Temporary Worker-Agency

Hiring a Temporary Worker-Agency

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First Published  :Mon Mar 02 16:34:46 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Tue Jan 30 22:13:57 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Tue Jan 30 22:13:57 GMT 2018
Summary :  Reference for all employees, staff, faculty and students who have inquiries about internal or external applications to Tufts as it relates to agency employment, contingency work, temporary work assignments and temporary hiring. Audience: All internal hiring managers and external workers wishing to be temporary workers at Tufts


Primary Information

    See also Hiring a Temporary Worker- Direct Payroll/Non-Agency

    Tufts Temps has created one standardized process to manage all temporary services and includes currently used agency contractors. Tufts Temps allows for a larger sourcing strategy for temporary help in all categories/levels of workers and uses one system to request, source and manage engagements, called Smart Track.
    Managers who have not already registered to use the Tufts Temps service can do so by completing the Expense Authorization Form. The completed form should be submitted to TuftsTemps@tufts.edu. Managers will enter new requests for contingent workers into Smart Track. Active workers of third-party service providers will begin logging their time and expenses in the Smart Track tool and Tufts University managers will approve them in the same system. Finally, billing will be managed through the Smart Track tool through report dashboards available.
    Attached please find a User Guide for Smart Track to help you navigate the system. This User Guide can also be accessed on Tufts’ Skillport site. For more specialized training requests, please contact the Tufts Temps Help Desk at TuftsTemps@tufts.edu.
    For more information about hiring temporary workers and/or Tufts Temps, please visit FAQs about hiring temporary workers.


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