TSS - Corrections to Time Off Entries

Corrections to Time Off Entries

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First Published  :Fri Mar 06 17:42:01 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Tue Jun 27 12:52:40 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Tue Jun 27 12:52:40 GMT 2017
Summary :  Detailed instructions on how to make corrections to time off entries already made, whether exempt or non-exempt.


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    Corrections to Time Off Entries

    The Department Administrator with access to Timekeep (PeopleSoft HRMS Application) is able to make corrections to Time Off entries as long as they do not affect pay. For example, this can be used if you have entered Regular Hours and need to change to Vacation or if you have entered Personal instead of Vacation.  The method depends on whether the employee is Exempt or Non-Exempt.

    Exempt: Changes can be made at any time for previous pay periods. The options to make changes to are Personal, Vacation, Illness, Family Illness. You only need to have the Employee Name, the dates you need to make changes to, and the type of change.  

    -Go to PeopleSoft HRMS
    -Log into Time Entry-Time Off Tracking-Use

    -Select the Employee – Record Time 

    Time Off Adjustments for Exempt Employees
    Within Time Entry, click “Time Off Tracking”, then “Use” 

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    Click "Select Employee"

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    Once located, select from the Time-Off Type (dropdown), enter the Start Date and End Date, then click Record Time, followed by Submit Time.
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    Time Off Adjustments for Non-Exempt and Salaried Non-Exempt Employees

    Changes can only be made when a payroll is open (usually Thursday afternoon through Tuesday at 3pm). You can edit any previous pay periods but the change in the balances will not be effective until the payroll is run. You must enter the Empl ID, Earnings Code to Subtract, Earnings Code to Add, Number of Hours, and which past Pay Period the change affects. The options to make changes to are Personal, Vacation, Illness, Family Illness.  See pages 12-13 of the Time Entry/ePaf Manual for screenshots/steps to make corrections to a Non Exempt employee. 


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