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Fringe Benefit Rates

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First Published  :Fri Mar 27 14:18:16 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Fri Sep 29 13:44:35 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Fri Sep 29 13:44:35 GMT 2017
Summary :  Summarizes fringe benefit rates based on employee status.


Primary Information

    The Finance Division at Tufts provides a list of fringe benefit rates for the current fiscal year (July 1 to June 30).  Fringe benefit rates are used in planning for departmental and research purposes.  

    Unrestricted rates are for non-grant salaries.
    Restricted rates are for salaries charged to grants.
    Both are applied year round for faculty/staff.  

    The Mandated rate is for part-timers < 17.5 hours per week.  Students are not charged fringe rates during September through May, but in June/July/August the Mandated rate applies.  

    Post Doc rate is used specifically for Post Docs.
    Faculty Summer Supplement is used specifically for Faculty Summer Supplements.

    Please note that effective May 1 2016, any department for whom an employee enrolls in ACA coverage offered will be charged the benefits fringe rate for all hours that the ACA eligible/enrolled employee works.  For more information about ACA, please visit this page.

Related Information

    Rate Agreement (pages 4 & 5 for details about fringe rates)



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