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Tufts University Pharmacy Program

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First Published  :Wed Apr 29 12:42:51 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Wed Mar 07 16:21:59 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Wed Mar 07 16:21:59 GMT 2018
Summary :  Summarizes the pharmacy benefits that are inclusive within the three medical insurance programs


Primary Information

    Eligible employees and their family members may elect health benefits and choose from 3 health coverage options. All options are administered by Tufts Health Plan.  All three health plan options—the Quality Tiered Plan, the Traditional Plan and the Value Plan— include a pharmacy benefit, meaning prescriptions that are listed in the plan’s formulary (list of covered drugs) are covered. There is a co-payment associated with many prescriptions, and it is determined by the drug prescribed.  The pharmacy program provider within Tufts Health Plans is CVS/CareMark.  Beginning January 1, 2017, you can save money on your long-term prescriptions, known as "maintenance medications," when you purchase a 90-day supply at either a CVS Pharmacy or through the CVS Caremark Mail Order Program. See below for additional details.

    NEW Maintenance Choice Pharmacy Program for 2017

    Prescription drug costs are the fastest growing part of our health plan cost increases. In an effort to keep our costs low, maintenance medications must be purchased either through Mail Order or through a CVS pharmacy beginning January 1, 2017. This new feature is called "Maintenance Choice”. You will be notified directly by our pharmacy benefit vendor, CVS Caremark, if you currently use a pharmacy other than CVS and need to transition your prescription. This program will make it more convenient when obtaining 90?day prescription refills. For a 90?day supply, the same co-payment will apply if you use the mail order option or pick up at a CVS pharmacy.

    ? If you are already enrolled in the mail order program or use a CVS pharmacy for your maintenance medications, no action is required.

    ? If you fill a maintenance medication at a pharmacy other than CVS (i.e. Walgreens or Rite?Aid), then you will need to switch to either a CVS pharmacy (for a 90 day refill) or use mail order through “Maintenance Choice”.

    ? Our pharmacy benefit vendor, CVS Caremark, will allow 2 prescription refills at your current “non?CVS” pharmacy before requiring you to enroll in Maintenance Choice mail order or switch to a CVS pharmacy.

    ? If you are unsure if this change applies to you, contact our dedicated Tufts Health Plan customer service representatives

    Additional information on the maintenance choice program!  Links to a pamphlet specific to the Maintenance Choice requirements.

    2017 Pharmacy Benefits: https://tuftshealthplan.com/documents/microsites/tufts-university/2017/tu-pharmacy-program

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