TSS - What is Labor Distribution or Labor Distribution Adjustments?

What is Labor Distribution or Labor Distribution Adjustments?

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First Published  :Mon May 18 13:10:54 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Thu Dec 06 14:41:51 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Thu Dec 06 14:41:51 GMT 2018
Summary :  How to process labor distribution changes


Primary Information

    Labor distribution typically refers to the pre-planned allocation of an individual’s salary and associated effort.  The process depends on whether the changes are a) prospective or retroactive, b) on a grant or DeptId/hard money and c) the type of employee (faculty/staff or student/temp).


    For prospective labor distribution changes on faculty and staff employees who are working on grants, there are designated local research administrators (LRAs) that have been given access to a new component of the ePAF system.  These LRAs will be able to make prospective distribution changes for all faculty and staff assigned to home DeptIDs within their area.  Access to the ePAF system for all DeptIds involving grants is approved by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research (please contact contact Zoya Davis-Hamilton to gain access to ePAF for this purpose or if you do not have an LRA).  Please review the information pertaining to effort on sponsored awards for more detail.  For assistance with retroactive changes to labor on a grant, please contact postaward@tufts.edu.   

    If you already have access to the labor distribution system for grants but require that additional grants be added, the request should be sent to TSS and no additional approvals are needed from OVPR.


    For prospective labor distribution changes on faculty and staff working only DeptIds (not grants), please continue to submit a Job Data Change PAF to TSS to process or see below for information regarding requesting access to make DeptID-related labor distribution changes in ePAF. If you would like to request access to make prospective DeptId (not grant) labor distribution changes to FACULTY and STAFF via ePAF, please contact James Walsh.  For retroactive labor distribution changes for faculty and staff on DeptIds (not grants), please contact TSS and provide the following information:  Employee Name, Pay Period, Amount, Original DeptId that was charged, New DeptId to be charged. 

    For anyone requesting access to labor distribution access for FACULTY AND STAFF, you will need to complete an Application for PeopleSoft HRMS Account and watch this instructional video in Tufts Learning Center titled The Labor Distribution System.  Approval for system access must be obtained from Zoya Davis-Hamilton for grants or from James Walsh for DeptIds.  Please include the confirmation of completion of the instructional video with your application.  If you have never logged into the Learning Center, you will need to create your account first (watch the Learning Center Overview and check out FAQs for help).

    TSS will also still process Paper PAFs for FACULTY AND STAFF Labor Distribution.


    Prospective Labor Distribution changes for Students and Temps can be made in the ePAF system by anyone that has access.  If you would like to request access to make changes to STUDENT and TEMP labor distribution via ePAF, please complete an Application for PeopleSoft HRMS Account Retroactive Labor Distribution changes for Salaried Students or Temporary employees may be done through the online systems, depending on the effective date.  You will be able to enter any effective date within the current pay period (as long as the payroll has not yet run and confirmed by Payroll) and the labor distribution will be changed as of the effective date entered.  If the effective date is outside of the current pay period for a Salaried Student or Temp or for Retroactive Changes for Hourly Students, contact TSS.

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