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First Published  :Mon Jul 13 19:09:26 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Mon Jul 13 19:09:26 GMT 2015
Last Published  :Mon Jul 13 19:09:26 GMT 2015
Summary :  Describes eligible FSA elder care expenses and what is a qualifying individual


Primary Information

    In order for elder care expenses to be eligible for Flexible Spending (FSA), there are conditions that are required.  First, the employee and their spouse must be "gainfully employed" and the employee must have incurred the elder care expense to enable him/herself and the spouse to be gainfully employed.  In addition to that requirement, expenses are employment-related (eligible) expenses only if they are for the care of one or more "qualifying individuals" or for household services that are attributable in part to such care with the primary function of care "well-being and protection."

    Amounts paid for food, lodging, clothing and education generally are not considered to be for the care of a qualifying individual.  Elderly daycare payments do qualify as dependent care expenses, provided that the person receiving the elderly day care has met the definition of a qualifying individual.  The individual must regularly spend at least eight hours per day in the employee's household in order for care provided outside the employee's household to qualify for reimbursement, and have the same principal place of abode as the employee for more than half the year.  

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