TSS - What is Form 1095--C?

What is Form 1095--C?

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First Published  :Wed Dec 09 16:29:37 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Mon May 15 21:50:49 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Mon May 15 21:50:49 GMT 2017
Summary :  Describes the form in conjunction with the Affordable Care Act


Primary Information

    Beginning with the 2015 tax year, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that employers offering employer-sponsored self-insured health coverage provide all benefits eligible (including those eligible through the ACA guidelines) employees with a Form 1095-C.   A full time ACA eligible employee is one that works 130+ hours over a 12 month period and is not otherwise eligible to be offered health coverage by the university.  There is a measurement period before the eligible employee is offered ACA.  It begins the first of the month following the date of hire, with a 12 month measurement period following.  Tufts is then given a 30 day administrative assessment period for analysis, followed by a 30 day period to offer the election for those affected employees.  The 1095-C Form is to report information to the IRS and to employees who have minimum essential coverage under the employer plan and have met the individual shared responsibility requirement for the months that they are covered under the plan.

    Copy of email sent on 1/31/2017:

    Please note that your 2016 IRS 1095-C form is now available on Employee Self Service (eServe). 
    Supervisors – please post this notice for employees who may not have access to email.
    The 2016 1095-C forms were posted to Employee Self Service today and accessible by individuals who previously consented to receive this information online.*
    To access the IRS 1095-C form through eServe, please follow these steps:
    1.    Go to https://hrss.uit.tufts.edu and Select the Employee Self Service Login.
    2.    Once on the Employee Self Service Login page, enter your User ID and Password.
    3.    Click on Self Service on the left side of the page under Menu.
    4.    Click on Benefits Information.
    5.    Click on View 1095-C Forms.
    6.    Click on Tax Form to view/print your 2016 IRS 1095-C Form.
    7.  Click on the Filing Instructions to view/print the filing instructions.
    *If you did not consent to receive your 1095-C form electronically, your form will be mailed to you via US Mail by February 3rd.  Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery.

    General questions  - Tufts Support Services (TSS) at 617-627-7000. 
    Technical difficulties - Tufts Technology Services (TTS) at 617-627-3376 or through email at it@tufts.edu.
    1099-HC and 1095-C Notes:
    ·         The IRS Form 1095-C is a Federal requirement.  You do not need to file Form 1095-C with your Federal tax return but use information from the form to complete your return. 
     ·         You will also receive the required Form MA 1099-HC from your health insurance carrier which serves as proof of health insurance coverage for Massachusetts residents and is required to be filed with your state tax return.  Form MA 1099-HC is mailed directly to plan participants from their health insurance carrier by January 31, 2017.
     ·         If you are enrolled in a health plan through Tufts University, and wish to print additional copies of your 2016  1099-HC Form, please go to https://tuftshealthplan.com/microsites/tufts-university.  Once logged in, click on the link ‘View/Update your Tax information" under the ‘What would you like to do’ section.  The 2016 1099-HC will be available for download by January 31, 2017.
     ·         If you are enrolled in a Tufts University Health Plan and have a form 1099-HC question, please contact Tufts Health Plan at (844) 516-5790.
    Thank you.     

    Postdoctoral Scholars employed at Tufts:  Postdoctoral Scholars receive health coverage (if enrolled) through Aetna Insurance administered by the Student Advisory & Health Administration Office. The Aetna Insurance coverage is a fully insured health plan versus a self-insured health plan. Fully-insured health plans participants receive a Form 1095-B directly from the insurance carrier versus a Form 1095-C from Tufts University

    Students:  Students enrolled in the UnitedHealthCare StudentResources Coverage underwritten by HPHC will receive a 1095-B for Federal tax filling and a 1099-HC for MA state tax filing from UnitedHealthCare (not from Tufts University).
    They can call 1-888-224-4752 if another copy of either form is needed.

    Retirees: Most retiree 1095Cs are sent out by the Health Care provider EXCEPT for those Retirees who are on the BCBS Medex plan, which is self insured, so Tufts will send these.


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