TSS - Adding, Changing or Removing a Beneficiary for Basic Life, Supplemental Life, or Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Adding, Changing or Removing a Beneficiary for Basic Life, Supplemental Life, or Accidental Death & Dismemberment

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First Published  :Thu Jan 07 17:08:26 GMT 2016
Last Modified  :Mon Sep 30 18:07:30 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Tue Aug 13 13:45:51 GMT 2019
Summary :  Reference for active employees who would like to make a change to the beneficiary(ies) for their basic life insurance, supplemental life insurance, or accidental death and dismemberment insurance.


Primary Information

    Beneficiaries- for Basic Life Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance, or AD+ D.
    For Retirement Plan (401a and 403b) beneficiaries, contact the Retirement Plan Vendors (TIAA or Fidelity).

    Before proceeding you must determine your current beneficiary status on eServe:
    1. Do not have a beneficiary on file (see #1 below)
    2. Already have a beneficiary on file (see #2 below)
    3. Add a trust as your beneficiary (see #3 below)
    1. No Beneficiary on File
    If you do not have any beneficiaries on file, you cannot add one through self-service. You must contact Tufts Support Services via email with the following Beneficiary  information:
    • Name
    • Relationship to employee
    • Date of Birth
    • Primary Percent
    • Contingent Percent
    • Gender
    Tufts Support Services can be reached at:
    Tufts Support Services
    62R Talbot Ave
    Medford, MA 02155
    Tel: (617) 627-7000
    Fax: (617) 627-7001
    Email: tss@tufts.edu
    2. Beneficiary on File
    To add, change, or remove a beneficiary, you must first log into eServe. Go to the Employee Self Service Menu- Benefit Information-Benefits Summary link [not the dependents & beneficiaries link], and then click on the specific benefit where you want to add or change a beneficiary.*
    Once you click on a specific benefit, for which edits are possible,  the bottom of the page should display your current beneficiary allocations.
    Click “edit” to change the percent that a current beneficiary will receive. If you wish to “remove” a beneficiary, enter 0%. (Note: A previous beneficiary record cannot be deleted.) You must save your changes.
    If you want to add a beneficiary, from the same location first click "Edit" and then you will see the “Add a Beneficiary” to add a new beneficiary. Input the name, relationship, date of birth, address and primary and/or contingent % allocation. You must save your changes.

    *Note that you can only do this on the benefits that a) you are currently enrolled in and b) that have "beneficiaries" (not dependents) like AD+D, Life, Supplemental Life. So you will not have an Edit option next to Medical if you are not enrolled and even if you are enrolled, once you click on the information, you can only edit the existing Dependent's information, not add more Dependents, since this would need to be done through a Life Event instead). There are no Beneficiaries, just Dependents, on a Medical Plan.
    3. Add a Trust as a Beneficiary
     -Click on “Add a Beneficiary” to add a trust as a beneficiary. For the First Name field, type “TRUST”. In the Last Name field, type “SEE FILE”. Enter 0’s in the Social Security fields. If the trust is in someone’s name enter their date of birth.  Click Edit and enter 100% in the Primary field. You must save your changes before exiting. 
    - Step 2) Provide Tufts University Human Resources with the relevant document(s) for your designated Trust. The docuemtnation should include the name of the Trust, date the Trust was established, and any signature pages on the Trust. These are then kept on file in a secure record system in case they are needed in the event of a beneficiary claim.

    Email attachment: TSS@tufts.edu
    Fax: 617-627-7001
    Walk-in / Mail / Inter-office Campus Mail: TSS - 62R Talbot Ave, Medford, MA 02155

    For Retirement Plan Beneficiaries:
    TSS cannot tell who you chose for Retirement Plan Beneficiaries. You must contact the Vendor (Fidelity or TIAA) for this information. The Vendor can also help you in changing the Beneficiary for the Retirement Plans. 
    *** You can now make beneficiary elections online for your Tufts University Retirement Plans on Fidelity's website.  Visit the microsite address and click "Tools & Resources", then click "Forms and Documents" and follow the link titled "Online Beneficiary Election."
    Vendor Contact Information: 
     Fidelity Investments
    https://www.tiaa.org/public/tcm/tuftsuniversity - Microsite for Tufts
    Tufts University sponsor plan number for Fidelity is 86801
    Please click here for details regarding the Fidelity Fee Structuring

    http://www.tiaa.org/(all other information)
    www.tiaa.org/tuftsuniversity - Microsite for Tufts
    One-on-One Consultations: 1-800-732-8353
    Tufts University plan number for TIAA is 100347

Related Information

    Link to Employee Self Service: https://access.tufts.edu/eserve




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