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My Pending Approvals

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First Published  :Mon May 07 18:19:04 GMT 2018
Last Modified  :Fri Jul 27 18:09:24 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Fri Jul 27 18:09:24 GMT 2018
Summary :  New Report for Finance distributed to those individuals who are required to approve a transaction


Primary Information

    Finance started sending a report called My Pending Approvals out to the community on May 7 2018.

    An e-mail will be sent weekly (11:00 am on Mondays) to users that have approvals for eReq, eExpense, CEA or AP PO Voucher hold.
    A user can log into the report at any time to see what they have to approve at that time by clicking here.

    Click on the amount to approve.  You will be brought to either:

    eReq – eReqs pending approval (PeopleSoft);
    CEA – CEAs pending approval (PeopleSoft);
    eExpense – Apptricity (they will need to click on the Pending Approval folder);
    Medius Invoices - pending invoice approvals (MediusFlow);
    Match Exception - invoices unable to post due to insufficient funds on Purchase Orders (PeopleSoft)

    PeopleSoft and e-Expense do not have single sign-on (SSO) so you will need to log in again if already logged into Tableau.

    If there are items to be approved, the user will need to click on the amount in that section of the email and you'll be taken to a prompt to get into that system.  After that, you'll either be taken to a list of items to be approved (ereq and cea) or for e-expense (Apptricity) you'll need to click on the pending approval folder.  

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