TSS - Processed Invoices Report

Processed Invoices Report

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First Published  :Wed Aug 15 19:54:06 GMT 2018
Last Modified  :Fri May 17 18:01:58 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Fri May 17 18:01:58 GMT 2019
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Primary Information

    TSS started sending a report called Weekly Processed Invoices out to designated department members starting August, 2018. This report is informational only.

    An e-mail will be sent weekly (8:30 am on Tuesday’s) to designated users outlining the invoices which were processed through the electronic invoicing system within the past week. Your ability to view invoices is based off Row Level Security.
    Click on a purchase order number to view the remaining balance for that PO. When the PO is closed or has $0 balance, no results are shown.
    Start Date/End Date - This report will default to show the invoices which were processed within the past week. These dates can be modified to extend the results. (First available date 7/16/18) These dates are associated to when the invoice was approved and taken off hold in Peoplesoft. This is not the invoice date
    PO # - This field can be used to search for a specific PO number or limit the existing results. (This can only be used if an invoice for that PO has been processed within the date range)
    Dept ID- This shows a list of Department IDs used within the specified rate range. The check boxes can be used to define criteria of your search.

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