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Open Commitment Report

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First Published  :Fri May 17 15:22:29 GMT 2019
Last Modified  :Fri May 17 18:00:52 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Fri May 17 18:00:52 GMT 2019
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Primary Information

    There is a report now available in Tableau to show Open Commitments.  This report combines commitments for DeptIDs, Grants and Projects.  You can see all open po’s for your area in one report instead of navigating to three reports.

    Here is a direct link to the report:  Open Commitment Report.  You can also access this report via Access Tufts.
    Report security is based on Data Warehouse security.  Therefore, you will only be able to see activity for DeptIDs, Grants and Projects that you have authorization to in the Data Warehouse.
    Here is a link with an introduction to Tableau server:

    Tableau has a subscription feature where you will get an e-mail at the interval selected.  A picture of the dashboard will be in the body of the e-mail so you can see with a quick glance.  If you click on the picture your browser will open so you can log into Tableau and drill into the data as needed.
    The subscribe button is at the top right of the dashboard.   Click on Subscribe and you can choose the interval you want to subscribe to.  There is an option for monthly, weekly or daily.


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