TSS - eServe Workforce Portal Request Submission Guidelines and FAQs

eServe Workforce Portal Request Submission Guidelines and FAQs

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First Published  :Thu May 23 16:32:07 GMT 2019
Last Modified  :Mon Oct 05 19:15:42 GMT 2020
Last Published  :Mon Oct 05 19:15:42 GMT 2020
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Primary Information

    eServe Workforce Portal Request Submission Guidelines and FAQs

    The following guidelines apply to requests submitted through the eServe Workforce Portal. If you have questions about submitting requests, please get in touch with TSS at 617-627-7000 or tss@tufts.edu.  Please note that if you are working remotely, you need to be connected to the VPN in order to access Workforce Portal.

    Paper PAFs
    Per internal audit TSS is no longer accepting paper PAFs for active employees. Paper PAF's should still be sent for Hiring certain employee types (POIs, Recurring Affiliates, Joint Appointments, Post Docs). Any Concierge requests, including Supplements, Changes, and Separations for active employees should not be on a Paper PAF but just detailed in an email to TSS.
    Gathering Information for a Request Submission
    Requests submitted through the eServe Workforce Portal require complete information before submission. Pre-conversations within your Department or with others such as Human Resources, should still take place prior to Submission. We recommend you gather all required information prior to sitting down to submit a request. If you are not sure about some information (e.g., position numbers), please get in touch with TSS.

    Submission & Approval Comments
    Comments can be added to a request by the submitter or any approver in the approval chain. These comments can be read by anyone who has access to the transaction. Please do not include private or secure information in comments.

    Personnel Actions Approval and Notifications
    See chart describing the aforementioned.

    Denied Requests
    If your request is denied by one of the approvers, please check the comments included with the denial for details. When a request is denied, you must resubmit your requests via the Submit Requests tile on the eServe Workforce Portal. Editing denied requests is not supported.

    Cancelling and Modifying Requests
    If you need to cancel or modify a request submitted via the eServe Workforce Portal please get in touch with TSS at at 617-627-7000 or tss@tufts.edu. Modifications cannot actually be made but, as long as the transaction is not yet Approved,  we can cancel the request and you can reenter it. If you prefer, you can reach out to the person with whom approval is currently pending, and ask that they deny the request so that you can re-enter it.
    Once an approval has been completed it can no longer be denied and another transaction would need to be processed to reverse or correct the transaction that was approved in error. In some situations, including those that impact Pay. like a Pay Change, FTE Change, or date that a Leave will start, TSS would need to make the adjustment. For others that are not pay impacting, like a Supervisor Change, Title Change, Timekeep Change, Labor Change, etc, the Department can just make a new entry. For Labor Distribution, as indicated above, the new transaction that the Department enters cannot be for the same effective date.

    Department and Title Changes for Students and Temps
    If you need to change a student or temp's department or job title then you will need to submit an eServe Workforce Portal Request for a Voluntary Separation (termination) and then rehire the student or temp through ePAF. Note that if a person is a student that no supervisor can be modified by Tier 2 HR. If a Student or Temp is going to be hired as Staff or Faculty, the Termination must be processed first before coordinating the Hire with the Recruiter or OFA.

    Changes from Non-Exempt to Exempt Status or from Exempt to Non-Exempt Status
    When changing a Staff member's FLSA status from non-exempt to exempt (hourly to salaried) or from exempt to non-exempt (salaried to hourly), after having a conversation with Human Resources regarding the change in status, please get in touch with TSS to initiate the Change, rather than submitting an online request through eServe. TSS will need the effective date and the new semi-monthly or weekly rate. Note that for Students, this type of change can be made through ePAF, by first Terming one Job and then entering the new Job type.

    Calculating Pay Rate Changes for Employees who do not work a Standard 35 Hour Work Week
    When submitting, confirming, or approving a Pay Rate (or a Labor Distribution) change for an hourly employee, the displayed annualized salary for the "after approval" is calculated based on a 35-hour work week regardless of the number of work week hours assigned to the employee's position. The "before approval" amount shown is calculated based upon how the Job is set up in PeopleSoft (hours per week x rate x 52) so this takes FTE into consideration.

    Changing Both FTE/Hours and Pay Rate
    Any FTE Change should have an accompanying Pay Rate Change. When submitting a Change for both FTE/Hours and Pay Rate with the same Effective Date, both requests must be submitted at the same time. After submission, the FTE/Hours request must be approved and committed before the final approval can be made for the Pay Rate Change. 

    Retroactive Requests for Pay Rate Change, Labor Distribution Change, and Supplemental Pay
    Retroactive requests are requests with an effective date prior to the current pay period.

    Pay Rate Change requests can only be with an effective date that is on or after the current pay period. If you need to make a Pay Rate Change request prior to the current pay period, please get in touch with TSS, who will advise whether or not the change can be made through the Workforce Portal.

    Retroactive requests for Labor Distribution Changes are allowed within the current Quarter/Reporting Period. If your requests for Labor Distribution Change has an effective date outside of the current Reporting Period, then get in touch with TSS and provide the Employee Name, Pay Period, Amount, Original Dept ID and New Dept ID and TSS will advise how to proceed. In addition to processing the Retroactive Labor Distribution through the Portal, for Retroactive Labor Related to Hourly Work Study Students, please contact Student Services. If you have already made your Labor Change in the system, but do not see it reflecting on your Effort Reports, please contact TSS to research the Retroactive Adjustment. 
    For any and all labor entries, including entries that primarily aren't labor but include labor, if a labor entry exists for that date a new labor entry will error. The labor system only permits 1 entry per day.

    Retroactive Supplemental Payments are not allowed. If you are requesting a Supplemental Pay spread across multiple pay periods and the first date of the multi-pay is retroactive, then you must submit separate single Supplemental Payments for the retroactive payments with the effective date set to the current pay period.

    In order to process a late Separation, contact TSS.

    Make Timekeeper
    When submitting a request to make an employee a Timekeeper for a timekeep when that employee is not yet an  approved Timekeeper for any timekeep, a completed Application for Peoplesoft HRMS Account must be submitted to TSS before final approval by TSS.

    Involuntary Separations and Layoffs
    Involuntary Separations and Layoffs can only be requested by HR Business Partners except if it is a FACULTY Contract Expiration or End of Limited Term, which can be processed by contacting TSS with the details of the request. Otherwise, for Involuntary Terms, please get in touch with your Business Partner to discuss these requests.


    FMLA and Other Medical Leaves of Absence
    Requests for FMLA and other medical leaves as well as Military Leaves cannot be made through the eServe Workforce Portal.

    Staff: Contact leaves@tufts.edu to initiate FMLA and other medical leaves of absence or Military Leaves or to process a return from an FMLA leave, other medical leave, or Military Leave

    Faculty: Contact your department chair and the Office of Faculty Affairs to initiate FMLA and other medical leaves of absence or Military Leaves or to process a return from an FMLA leave, other medical leave, or Military Leave

    Legal Name Changes
    When a Name Change request is submitted through the eServe Workforce Portal, proper documentation of the name change (Social Security card, passport, or court-issued document showing your new legal name) must be submitted before final approval by TSS.

    Changes to ePAF
    ePAF will continue to be used, without changes, for HIRING functions for faculty, staff, students, and temporary workers You may access ePAF via a tile on the eServe Workforce Portal.  You can use ePAF for student & temp payrate changes, labor distributions and terms.


    Batched Requests
    Multiple requests (15 or more) for certain types of Job Changes, Supplemental Pay, and Leaves and can be submitted simultaneously through TSS and tracked via eServe. Refer to the Batched Requests tile on the eServe Workforce Portal for details and Batch Templates.



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