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Student MBTA Pass

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First Published  :Wed Oct 24 19:36:04 GMT 2018
Last Modified  :Fri Apr 19 17:24:37 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Fri Apr 19 17:24:37 GMT 2019
Summary :  This article provides information on the student discount on MBTA passes


Primary Information

    MBTA Passes


    Commencing September 2018, full-time Boston-based Health Science School students (Medical, Dental, Nutrition Schools and Public Health Professional Degree programs) are eligible to purchase a MBTA pass at a 35% discount over regular “T” prices (up to $50/mo. on monthly passes). Grafton-based Veterinary School students are eligible to purchase an MBTA Semester Pass at an 11% discount. Each student is entitled to one pass.

    For more information regarding pass types, schedules, routes etc… please go to the mbta site.

    Obtaining an MBTA Pass

    Tufts University, in partnership with Edenred Commuter Benefit Solutions, has implemented an online storefront for the purchase of MBTA Passes. Beginning with this upcoming (2018) September’s Pass, all discounted MBTA passes must be purchased through your SIS Portal. Along with hosting the site, Edenred will be offering customer service for all technical questions that may arise. Edenred will also send a reminder email before each purchase deadline.

    • All passes must be ordered by the 8th day of prior purchasing month.
    • All Fall semester passes (September-December) will need to be purchased by August 8th.
    • All Spring semester passes (January-May) will need to be purchased by December 8th.
    • Before all purchases are made you will have the ability to update your delivery address for the pass. Your new pass will be mailed directly to the address that the user has inputted.
    • To access the MBTA Storefront:
      • Log into your SIS Portal (http://go.tufts.edu/sis)
      • Navigate to your “Bills & Balances” Tab
      • Click link to “Purchase MBTA Pass”

    **IMPORTANT – LINK, BUS, INNER EXPRESS BUS AND OUTER EXPRESS BUS PASSES WILL BE ON CHARLIE CARDS. All Zone Passes, including Zone 1A, will still be in ticket form**

    Summer 2018 Reimbursement – Boston ONLY

    With the addition of this new online MBTA purchasing service, the university will be discontinuing all MBTA reimbursement programs after the completion of the August 2018 reimbursement period (August 6th – 17th). Beginning with the September Pass, in order to receive the 35% discount, you MUST purchase your MBTA pass in advance through the new MBTA Storefront.

    Please read the following guidelines carefully for 2018 summer reimbursement:

    1. Must present original purchase receipts (showing the type of pass purchased, date and amount paid).
    2. Must be for a monthly pass purchase. (i.e. June 18, July 18).
    3. See schedule for the final reimbursement date.
    4. Requests must be presented in person at the HSBursar’s Office.
    5. Must pick up your own reimbursement, as it will be cash.

    Monthly Pass Discount Reimbursement Schedule

    Pass MonthsReimbursement Dates
    June-July-AugustAugust 06th – August 17th

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