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Suppliers/Payees Onboarding

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First Published  :Fri Dec 07 19:40:48 GMT 2018
Last Modified  :Wed Aug 10 20:02:45 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Wed Aug 10 20:02:45 GMT 2022
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    In order to make a payment or place an order with a new supplier (whether via electronic requisition or check voucher), the individual/company must first be added to PeopleSoft Finance system.  The onboarding process is facilitated via an online invitation to the payee to register in the PaymentWorks portal. Registration in the PaymentWorks portal requires information about the payee/organization, including a W-9 or W-8BEN and may include licensure information.  Please note that a payee may be an individual receiving reimbursement for expenses.  To determine whether or not the supplier already exists in PeopleSoft, please contact tss@tufts.edu. If a Supplier is already registered in PaymentWorks for business with another School/Company that uses PaymentWorks, you will still send the Invitation and the Supplier will have to fill out limited information that is specific to Tufts.  If the supplier registered with Tufts through PaymentWorks needs to modify their information (such as their address), the supplier can update their information in the portal by following these directions:

    • Log in at https://www.paymentworks.com/accounts/login/ with the account information used to register. 
    • Click on Company Profile in the top right corner.
    • Once on the company profile page, they will be able to select which section they need to update. (Marketing Information, Business Details, Tax Forms, Remittance Addresses and Bank Details). Click here for Screenshot.

    Click here for a link to PaymentWorks


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