TSS - What is a Check Voucher

What is a Check Voucher

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First Published  :Wed Jan 02 18:46:41 GMT 2019
Last Modified  :Mon Sep 30 17:35:35 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Mon Sep 30 17:35:35 GMT 2019
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Primary Information

    A check voucher is a paper form restricted to the payment types below:
    *  Awards/Prizes
    *  Fellowships/Scholarships
    *  Honorariums
    *  Patient Refunds
    *  Stipends
    *  Study Participants
    *  Payments to Department of Homeland Security for Visa Applications

    The Payee must be an established Supplier in order for a Check Voucher to be processed.
    - If you know the Supplier ID, you can write it on the Check Voucher when you submit it. Otherwise, please submit the Check Voucher to TSS with the Payee Name and Email Address and we will make sure the Payee is in the system/invite through Paymentworks if needed.

    Required Documentation
    *  For awards, prizes, fellowships & scholarships a letter to the student.
    *  For an honorarium, an invitation or acceptance letter, syllabus, or advertisement of visitor
    *  For study participants, a listed study name or IRB number with other documentation maintained in department.
    *  For patient refunds, a copy of the account ledger.

    Approval Levels
    *  Requestor is required for all forms
    *  Requestor's Supervisor required for all forms
    *  Budget Center or Post Award required at $5,000 or more
    *  Executive Associate Dean (EAD), VP or Designee required at $50,000

Related Information

    To order a supply please contact TSS at tss@tufts.edu or via phone at 77000.