TSS - Tufts Electronic Invoice Procedures

Tufts Electronic Invoice Procedures

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First Published  :Thu Jan 17 21:17:02 GMT 2019
Last Modified  :Wed Feb 24 00:06:08 GMT 2021
Last Published  :Wed Feb 24 00:06:08 GMT 2021
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    Tufts Invoicing Process
    Starting Oct 1, 2019, TSS will no longer forward invoices sent to tss@tufts.edu from Departments to Medius.
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    Taking advantage of technology and proven electronic payment processes, the electronic invoicing (EI) payment system  (Medius) will scan invoices in to the EI system, match data to an existing purchase order, and process the invoice directly into PeopleSoft with little or no manual intervention.  The EI system provides an automated workflow process that is utilized to obtain invoice approvals where necessary.  When using Medius, Chrome is the preferred browser.
    This Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution is far more efficient than our current paper based process, eliminating the shuffle of paper between departments and Accounts Payable, mail distribution delays, multiple people involved in the process, and is transparent and efficient for those who originate and approve purchase orders and associated payments. In addition, we are leveraging the controls the university has within PeopleSoft and the university budgeting model to create less burdensome and timelier administrative work. 
    In order for all of us to take advantage of the EI process, it is important that all invoices come directly from the supplier to TSS (invoices@tufts.edu
    )*, as a PDF and must contain a valid Tufts PO Number.  Prior to ordering from a supplier, it is imperative that department users 1) submit an on-line requisition, 2) obtain a PO number once the requisition is approved and 3) communicate that PO number to the supplier when placing the order.  You can also ask TSS to handle the processing of the requisition on your behalf.  Invoices lacking a valid PO number will be returned unpaid to the supplier (as they currently are).  Invoices missing PO information will be returned to suppliers for revision. 

    The system will seek an approval via an email from tss@tufts.edu for all invoices greater than $5000 and all professional services invoices (5120-5129).  Subcontract payments (5150-5179) on grants will be routed to Post Award who will handle routing and approval in the schools/research areas. Invoice approvals will be directed to the “Requested For” person assigned at the time an EREQ is created.  The Requested For field is located within EREQ.  If left blank, it will default to the person creating the requisition. Users will receive an email containing a summary of their invoices imported from the previous day that requires your approval.  A weekly Tableau report called My Pending Approvals will highlight all pending approvals.  Approvers will always be able to view the invoice image.  Local Research Administrators designated by the Executive Associate Dean (EAD), VP or senior leader of a respective area will also be given access to view images.

    TSS is very excited about this initiative being the first in a series to take advantage of technology; eliminating antiquated paper processes and providing on line, timely and transparent information.

    *All invoices that are paid via wire or a foreign currency should follow this process instead.


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