TSS - Tufts Electronic Invoice Procedures

Tufts Electronic Invoice Procedures

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First Published  :Thu Jan 17 21:17:02 GMT 2019
Last Modified  :Thu Mar 17 20:37:59 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Thu Mar 17 20:37:59 GMT 2022
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Primary Information

    Medius is the electronic invoicing payment system at Tufts.  Medius scans invoices into the system, matches data to a purchase order number and then processes the invoice for payment.  Built into Medius is an automated workflow process to obtain approvals where necessary.  The system will seek an approval via an email for all invoices greater than $5000 and all professional services invoices (5120-5129).  Subcontract payments (5150-5179) on grants will be routed to Post Award who will handle routing and approval in the schools/research areas. Invoice approvals will be directed to the “Requested For” person assigned at the time an EREQ is created.  To supplement this request for approval, a weekly Tableau report titled My Pending Approvals is sent to individuals on Mondays which details what approvals are needed.

    Invoices should come directly from the supplier and be sent in PDF format to invoices@tufts.edu.  Tufts no longer accepts paper invoices; if they are received they are returned to sender with instructions describing the correct procedure.

    To learn more about navigating in Medius, please consider enrolling in a brief training class.  Please note that when using Medius, Chrome is the preferred browser.




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