TSS - Health Plan for Faculty and Staff Effective 1/1/22

Health Plan for Faculty and Staff Effective 1/1/22

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First Published  :Mon Nov 01 13:29:52 GMT 2021
Last Modified  :Tue Jan 04 21:05:44 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Tue Jan 04 21:05:44 GMT 2022
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Primary Information

    New for Faculty and Staff starting in 2022!

    Selecting Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan

    You have three BCBS health plan options. All plans cover the same services. Employee contributions, co-payments, and deductible amounts vary by the plan you choose.

    • PPO Plus Plan (Lower deductible, higher payroll contribution)
    • PPO Plan (Higher deductible, lower payroll contribution)
    • PPO HDHP Plan (Highest deductible plan paired with a Health Savings Account HSA)

    When selecting a health plan, you can choose the following coverage levels:

    • Individual
    • Individual & Spouse or Domestic Partner (DP) (DP Affidavit required)
    • Individual & Child(ren) (Up to Age 26)
    • Family (Individual, Spouse or Domestic Partner, & Children)

    For more information such as comparison charts, a coverage tool, plan rates and more, visit the Access Tufts Information Page.

    Do you prefer to speak to someone from BCBS about options?  Call 888-261-0133.

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