TSS - Resources/Guides for Making Personnel Changes in eServe Workforce Portal

Resources/Guides for Making Personnel Changes in eServe Workforce Portal

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First Published  :Thu Mar 10 21:26:42 GMT 2022
Last Modified  :Fri Aug 05 14:46:18 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Fri Aug 05 14:46:18 GMT 2022
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Primary Information

    Resources for Making Personnel Changes in eServe Workforce Portal
    Action Type and DocumentationDescription/Comments
    Transferring JobTo move a Tufts employee to a different position and update pay rate/allocation.  Note this should not be used when someone is going from one Employee Type to another unless it is Faculty-Staff or Staff-Faculty (Other changes, such as Post Doc to Faculty, Staff to Temp, Student to Staff/Temp, etc. require a Separation followed by a Hire once the Separation has been fully processed through the system)
    Change JobUpdating a person's department, supervisor, location, title and/or FTE/Hours.  The date can be retroactive.  If the change is to FTE/Hours and is retroactive, please check with TSS first, as the Pay will likely also be changed (see below re: Retroactive Pay change) 
    Change Pay and LaborThis job aid is intended to guide you through the online process for a Change Pay and Labor transaction, which could include changing an employee Timekeep, Pay Rate1, and /or Labor Distribution2
    Joint Appointments:
    Change Job

    Change Pay and Labor
    For faculty and postdocs.  A joint appointment reflects a fiscal and time commitment in more than one school, college, department, or center and is usually a collaboration between Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center
    Make TimekeeperTimekeeper adds or removes the employee as an authorized timesheet approver / submitter for the selected Timekeep number as long as the initial application and access are already complete. The PDF form for initial access to the system is handled outside of the system and can be found on the Access Tufts Forms page or by contacting tss@tufts.edu.
    Supplemental PayTo create a one-time or periodic payment for a Tufts employee.  Note: Students can only be paid with earning code “320 Student Supplement”.  Employees must have an Active Job Record in order to be paid via Supplemental Pay; a CWR or POI cannot be paid via Supplemental Pay.
    Non-Medical Leave of Absence

    Non-Medical Return from Leave
    Medical Leaves and Military Leaves are to be coordinated by contacting leaves@tufts.edu. Faculty Medical and Military Leaves are to be coordinated through the Department Chair and Office of Faculty Affairs (who will submit an email with details of the Leave to TSS and work with Leaves to manage the leave).  The same process applies for Returns of this type
    Name ChangeAn employee can only change their name while in a Life Event of Marriage or Divorce (after the documentation submitted for the Marital Status change is approved, there will be a subsequent submission of documentation for the Name Change along with a separate approval process).
    Voluntary Separations
    When someone has resigned or plans to retire. NOTE: the resignation letter and vacation hours (if to be paid out) should be emailed to tss@tufts.edu ASAP. 3

    1 Pay Rate Change requests can only be with an effective date that is on or after the current pay period. If you need to make a Pay Rate Change request prior to the current pay period, please get in touch with TSS, who will advise whether the change can be made through the Workforce Portal.

    2 The labor system only permits 1 entry per day. If you have already created one on a particular day you must wait until the next day.  As of 12/10/19 there is a temporary technical issue being worked on in which you may get an error that Location is required when trying to enter a Job Change that does not involve a Location Change. The workaround is to choose "Yes" to the question "Are you changing Location" and then just re-enter the current Location.  
    Retroactive requests for Labor Distribution Changes are allowed within the current Quarter/Reporting Period. If your request for Labor Distribution Change has an effective date outside of the current Reporting Period email tss@tufts.edu and provide the Employee Name, Pay Period, Amount, Original Dept ID and New Dept ID For Retroactive Labor inquiries related to hourly Work Study students, please contact Student Services. If you have already made your Labor Change in the system, but do not see it reflected in the Effort Reporting system, please contact TSS to research the Retroactive Adjustment
    3 Separations will be processed prior to the payroll run to avoid overpayment, but they are not processed by T2 immediately upon receipt, but rather just before the applicable payroll run.  Involuntary Separations and Layoffs can only be initiated by HR Business Partners.

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