TSS - January 2022 News and Announcements

January 2022 News and Announcements

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First Published  :Wed Mar 02 15:46:09 GMT 2022
Last Modified  :Wed Mar 02 15:46:09 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Wed Mar 02 15:46:09 GMT 2022
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Primary Information

    01.28.22 - Your 2021 W-2 Information is now available on Employee Self Service (eServe)

    The 2021 W-2 Forms were posted to Employee Self Service (eServe) and are accessible to those who consented to electronic delivery of their W-2. 

    Access your W-2 in Employee Self-Service (eServe)
    1.       Go to http://access.tufts.edu/eserve and Select the Employee Self Service “Open”.
    2.       Once on the Employee Self Service Login page, enter your Tufts Username and Password.
    3.       On the landing page, click on the drop-down menu at the top of the page and select “Employee Self Service.” (If not already defaulted to Employee Self Service)
    4.       Click on “Payroll & Compensation.”
    5.       Click on “W-4, W-2, W-2 Consent, 1095-C Consent”.
    6.       Click on “View W-2/W-2c Forms.”
    7.       Click on the “Year End Form” link to view/print your 2021 W-2.
    Former employees should have access to eServe. If you have consented to electronic delivery of your W-2, you will be able to see your 2021 W-2 in eServe.
    • If needed, you can change your password at https://tuftstools.tufts.edu/ if you know your previous password. If you do not know your previous password, you will need to speak with IT/TTS at 617-627-3376.
    • Former employees who enrolled in 2FA prior to leaving Tufts, should still have access if the same cell phone is in use. Those with a new cell phone will need to contact IT/TTS at 617-627-3376.
    01.18.22 - Student Minimum Wage Increase
    Effective January 1, 2022, student workers at Tufts are now paid a minimum wage of $15.00 per hour. A federal executive order is raising the minimum wage rate for federal contractors to $15.00 per hour effective January 30, 2022. Tufts has decided to implement the change on January 1 instead. This supersedes the Massachusetts minimum wage rate of $14.25 per hour that went into effect on January 1. Departments need not take any action, as anyone paid below the minimum wage will have their rate automatically increased.

    01.13.22 - 2022 Open Enrollment Follow-Up

    As a follow up to Open Enrollment, please be sure you review your paycheck deductions and 2022 Open Enrollment benefit plan elections for accuracy.
    To View Your 2022 Benefit Plan Elections:
    • Sign in to eServe
    • Click on Benefit Information
    • View your Benefits Summary
    To View Your 2022 Benefit Payroll Deductions:
    • Sign in to eServe
    • Click on Payroll and Compensation
    • View your January 2022 Payroll Statement

    For More Information

    Contact Tufts Support Services with questions about your benefits at TSS@tufts.edu or 617-627-7000.

    01.11.22 - Updates: I-9 Everywhere, ePAF Dashboard and Onboarding Process Documentation

    Hello ePAF Submitters,
    Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful, hopefully relaxing, winter break. We’re looking forward to 2022.
    With the start of the semester ahead of us, we want to share with you some information related to on-boarding new hires onto the payroll system.
    • Option for New Hires to complete their in-person I-9 Verification remotely using a witness of their choice. This is available to all new hires, even if they work on campus.
    • Department ePAF Dashboard: Track the progress of your new hire in the eServe Workforce Portal
    • TSS Onboarding Overview and Box Folder: To give you as much visibility as possible, we compiled an overview of the TSS on-boarding process along with a copy of the emails that new hires receive in a Box folder.
    “I-9 Everywhere”: Remote I-9 Verification Option
    To make the I-9 Verification easier for new hires, we have engaged “I-9Everywhere” as an option for new hires to complete the in-person inspection of their I-9 documents via a witness of their choice. This can be a colleagues, friend, or family member. As always, the option to complete Section 2 of the I-9 on campus with a member of the TSS Support team remains.
    We have put together a series of short videos explaining this process. These will be shared with the new hire as well – please feel free to watch.

    Department ePAF Dashboard

    The Department ePAF dashboard is a read-only copy of the on-boarding panel in eServe.
    It will tell you where your new hire is in the onboarding process. You can access it via the Workforce Portal:
    eServe > Workforce Portal > ePAF > Inquiry > Department ePAF Dashboard
    You will see what steps your new hires have completed and which are outstanding. It will also provide you with the date that a step has been completed.
    Onboarding StepWhat does this mean?
    User Provision Required if checkedNew hire needs to complete pre-provisioning
    W-4 SignedAuto-populates with hire date after pre-provision, updates once new hire completes W-4
    Direct Deposit enteredNew Hire entered their direct deposit information
    I-9 Approval required if checkedNew Hire needs to complete an I-9 Employment Verification
    Employee Sign DateNew hire completed Section I of I-9
    Employer Sign DateNew hire completed Section II of I-9 (in-person document review)
    OFA Approval Required if checkedThe Office of Faculty Affairs needs to approve your hire; on-boarding email (W-4, Direct-Deposit, I-9) will not be sent unless OFA approved hire
    TSS Onboarding Process Overview
    As an easy reference for the onboarding steps required by TSS, please see the TSS On-boarding flowchart: TSS ONBOARDING FLOWCHART
    Further, we wanted to provide you with a Tufts Box folder that contains the emails a new hire receives as part of the TSS onboarding process:  TSS ONBOARDING DOCUMENTS
    We hope you and your departments enjoy these new resources! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions on these matters.

    01.01.22 - New Mileage Reimbursement Rate
    Per the IRS, the new mileage reimbursement rate for miles driven on personal vehicles is set at 58.5 cents per mile.

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