TSS - Non-Workforce Portal HR Transactions

Non-Workforce Portal HR Transactions

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First Published  :Thu Mar 10 21:26:22 GMT 2022
Last Modified  :Fri Nov 18 21:36:56 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Fri Nov 18 21:36:56 GMT 2022
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Primary Information

    There are personnel action transactions where one cannot use the Workforce Portal.  Read more about these unique scenarios:

    Use of New Hire Forms (formerly called Paper PAFs)

    There may be times when you are unable to use the Workforce Portal for a personnel action because you do not have access to a particular employee (for example, paying a supplement to someone outside of your home department). If you do not have access to an employee and you should, this could be a hierarchy issue in PeopleSoft.  Please be sure that the employee's supervisor/supervisor's position number are correct.  In other cases, a Concierge Request should be made by sending an email to tss@tufts.edu.  That email should include the following:
    • Employee ID and Name
    • Effective Date
    • Gross Up? (yes or no)
    • One Time or Multiple Pay Period?
    • Amount
    • Earnings Codes
    • Labor Distribution
    Do you have more than one individual needing concierge action?  If yes submit a separate email/case to TSS per individual.  Please, do not use a New Hire Form (old paper PAF) for a concierge request. 

    Changes from Non-Exempt to Exempt Status or from Exempt to Non-Exempt Status
    When changing a Staff member's FLSA status from non-exempt to exempt (hourly to salaried) or from exempt to non-exempt (salaried to hourly), after having a conversation with Human Resources regarding the change in status, please get in touch with TSS to initiate the Change, rather than submitting an online request through eServe. TSS will need the effective date and the new semi-monthly or weekly rate. Note that for Students, this type of change can be made through ePAF, by first Terming one Job and then entering the new Job.

    Bulk (15-500 Transactions)
    Batched Requests (minimum of 15 transactions and maximum of 500 transactions) for Department Change, Location Change, One-Time Supplemental Pay, and Summer/Semester Leaves may be submitted to TSS using the templates available in eServe > Workforce Portal > Batched Requests

    Workflows and Approvals
    When a personnel action is submitted via the eServe Workforce Portal, an automated, online approval process (approval chain) is initiated that ensures that appropriate administrators and supervisors review and approve the requested changes. Each required approver will be notified in turn via email and can approve the request via the Workforce portal. If you have submitted a request, you can review its approval status at any time by using the Review Requests tile on the Workforce portal (see Review Requests – Job Aid).  It may be useful to review Personnel Actions Approval and Notifications chart.


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