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Student Summer Employment

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First Published  :Thu Apr 28 16:39:36 GMT 2022
Last Modified  :Fri Aug 05 14:48:38 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Fri Aug 05 14:48:38 GMT 2022
Summary :  This summarizes considerations for student employment over the summer


Primary Information

    Planning for Summer Student Employment

    Summer employment for students who will graduate on May 22nd
    • After the student graduates but continues to work for your department, you must terminate the student job in ePAF and rehire as a temporary workerThis is due to a recent change in benefits laws in MA
    • You can submit the Temporary Hire Request now so that the background check can be started. However, we cannot enter the hire until the background check is complete and the student job has been terminated in ePAF.
    • Temporary workers are paid hourly and are subject to state overtime rules. If your student was previously paid semi-monthly, you need to adjust to an hourly rate and a weekly time-reporting process.
    • Want to learn more about the Temp Hire process and the steps:  Temporary Hires on Tufts Payroll
    Summer employment for students who do not graduate
    • No action is required, the student job will continue through the summer. 
    Incoming student employment
    • If you intend to hire an incoming student, they need to be hired as a temporary employee until they start their academic career at Tufts. At that point, you need to terminate the temporary employee role and rehire them as a student employee in the fall.
    Summer employment and temporary workers working outside of Massachusetts
    • Student employees cannot currently change their work location on their W-4. If they would like to discuss changing their work location and taxation, they need to email TSS@tufts.edu with the request
    • Temporary employees can change their work location on their W-4 in states where Tufts is registered. If Tufts is not registered in a state, TSS will withhold MA State Tax.
    • Student Employees and Temporary workers cannot work outside of the United States

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