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Check Voucher Process

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First Published  :Fri Apr 10 19:16:39 GMT 2020
Last Modified  :Tue Jan 03 16:19:51 GMT 2023
Last Published  :Tue Jan 03 16:19:51 GMT 2023
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Primary Information

    What is a Check Voucher?

    A check voucher can be used to process certain types of payments through Accounts Payable.  You must sign into PeopleSoft in order to create an electronic check voucher.

    When can I use Check Voucher Payments?

    Check Vouchers are restricted to the below-listed payment types. Please note that these are IRS terms and may differ from the terminology used in your department. Please consult the Check Voucher Guide or decision tool to determine whether your payment qualifies as a check voucher payment and which type to use. 
    • Awards/Prizes
    • Fellowships/Scholarships*
    • Honorariums
    • Patient Refunds
    • Stipends
    • Study Participants
    • Payments to Department of Homeland Security for Visa Applications
    • Student & Non-Employee Travel & Business Expense*
    * Please note that Students who are “active participants” (i.e., traveling to conferences to represent Tufts or present a paper) are considered to be traveling on behalf of the university and can be reimbursed. Similarly, individuals/groups that are traveling as part of a formal student organization or club are considered to be on university business. The payment type “Business Expense Reimbursement” should be used for such payments.  Receipts should be attached.  If students are traveling related to academics or advancing personal knowledge, they should be given a “Travel Scholarship” (5207). Attach a letter notifying the student of the payment as an attachment

    Want to be a Check Voucher Submitter? Here's what you need to do:

    Already a Check Voucher Submitter? Check out these helpful tools:

    • Check Voucher Guide and Payment Matrix: This will help you understand which type of check voucher to use for your transaction; or whether your transaction needs to be handled outside of the check voucher system
    • Need to pay a Non-resident/visa holder: Please review the visa chart to see which types of payments can be made to non-residents (please download for best visibility)
    • You may also consult the dynamic decision tool to help you decide which type of check voucher to use, or whether another payment mechanism needs to be used


    Screenshot of check voucher tool

    How to use Check Vouchers

    Signing in
    Go to 
    sites.tufts.edu/portal2/, sign in and navigate to “Check Vouchers” to Create or Inquire on an existing Check Voucher.


    Please note: 

    The Payee must be an established Supplier in order for a Check Voucher or Student/Non-Employee Expense report to be processed. 

    All the Department needs to do is submit the Electronic Check Voucher in Peoplesoft to TSS with the Payee Name and Email Address and if the Supplier is not yet established, TSS will follow through. For Student/Guest Travel & Expense Reports, if the Payee is in PeopleSoft but has not completed the full PaymentWorks registration (even if they have completed the short form for reimbursement) they will be invited each time an Expense Report is submitted (if the individual is going to receive multiple reimbursements or future taxable payments, it would be best to request the full Registration form be completed instead of the short form).

    Required Documentation to be Attached

    Check Voucher TypeRequired Documentation 
    Awards, Prizes, Fellowships & Scholarships Letter to the student outlining the details, including the amount.  This includes travel scholarships for travel taken when the student is related to academics or advancing personal knowledge.
    HonorariumInvitation or acceptance letter, syllabus, or advertisement of visitor
    Study ParticipantListed study name or IRB number with other documentation maintained in the department.
    Patient RefundCopy of the account ledger.
    Student & Non-Employee Travel & ExpenseReceipts must be attached.  Student travel reimbursement is made when the student is an active participant, representing Tufts at a conference or other event.
    One can also use the Mileage Tracker which can be used as a helpful tool and may be attached with the Check Voucher if applicable. 

    Approval Levels & Routing
    Once an authorized submitter clicks Save & Submit for Approval, the check voucher will automatically route through the following approval chain: 
    • Budget Center or Post Award required at $5,000 or more
    • EAD, VP or Designee required at $50,000
    • EVP required at $1,000,000
    • Ad-hoc approvers are able to be added to any workflow


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