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Your Open Salesforce Cases

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First Published  :Thu Apr 23 13:08:12 GMT 2020
Last Modified  :Mon May 09 20:20:24 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Mon May 09 20:20:24 GMT 2022
Summary :  Weekly Tableau report sent to community users and to TSS staff to show case statuses


Primary Information

    TSS produces a Tableau report titled "Your Open Salesforce Cases" which is emailed to community members with Active/Open cases with TSS every Monday at  8:30am. You can change your preferences or Unsubscribe through a link at the bottom of the email that you receive or through the "Subscribe" button on top right of the report itself. 

    The report is broken into two sections. You can click on any case to view activity in Salesforce or send an email to TSS
    • Cases that require Your Action
    • Cases we are working on for you (TSS, Post Award, Finance, HR).
    When a case is Awaiting Action by Others, it is assigned a "Status." Statuses definitions are below or can also be viewed by clicking on the gray tab in the top left corner of the report itself. 

    Definitions of statuses: 

    User-added image

    Note: you also may need to use the Scroll bar in the bottom right corner of your screen if the whole picture is not showing.

    Chrome may not provide the best viewing experience so you may want to try a different browser.

    If you are having difficulty accessing the email functionality, click here for instructions on making Outlook your primary email. 

    Cases can be sorted as well as Filtered by Function (Finance, HR, General Inquiry), Employee Impacted (for HR cases only) and/or Case Creation Date. 

    Note- Overpayments and Separations are not assigned to a specific Owner but any email activity is reported to the Payroll Director who oversees the group handling these cases. 


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