TSS - Where are checks sent? Paper Paychecks

Where are checks sent? Paper Paychecks

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First Published  :Mon Nov 02 16:54:49 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Sat Feb 06 02:24:37 GMT 2021
Last Published  :Mon Mar 02 17:36:56 GMT 2020
Summary :  checks mail or delivered to different locations


Primary Information

    OFF CYCLE CHECKS- Contact TSS to arrange pick up or delivery.


    Employees should consult with their respective departments if they are on the check distribution spreadsheets (includes MEDFORD STAFF & TEMP Dining and Building & Grounds/Facilities checks which are PICKED UP at TSS and distributed to each of the different Dining establishments or Building & Grounds/Facilities locations by the Department ). Employees of all other Departments AND STUDENT workers for any Department should review the information below for check pick up locations. 

    Checks are sent to these locations:

    If you are paid Weekly/Hourly/Non-Exempt:

    -  Staff, Faculty, Temps, non-Tufts students:  mailed to home address (not mailing address) unless out of state, in which case it is mailed to the department.
    -  Students:  For Somerville: TSS at 169 Holland St; for Grafton: TSS at 7 Jumbo's Path; for Boston: sent to Posner Hall (Bursar-Boston 617-636-6551), or SMFA 230 Fenway- (Colin Buckley -617-369-3574
    This is for both in state and out of state addresses.
    Student Weekly checks are held in Somerville for pick up; after a month* they will be mailed out to the Home Address if available. If there is no Home Address listed or if it is an International Address, TSS will hold the check for 90 days (at which point the check becomes 'stale' and needs to be reissued). *This will be two months during winter break. 

    If you are paid Semi-Monthly/Salaried/Exempt:

    -  All- Faculty, Staff, non-Tufts Students, and Students are mailed to the home address (not mailing address) unless it is out of state in which case it goes to the department.  Note:  for those out of state but close to MA (such as Salem NH) the check may go to the department.  It is best to call and inquire.

    Travel Checks for non-employees are sent to whatever address is listed on the travel or business expense form.

    Note: The first paper check received should be deposited with a bank teller or at branch ATM. There is a possible error message, "insufficient funds", you may receive when trying to use a mobile deposit app or an ATM machine not located at a branch. Our checks are issued from a Bank of America account so that is a good option for a location to deposit.


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