TSS - What Account Number Is Correct?

What Account Number Is Correct?

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First Published  :Fri Oct 30 13:42:41 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Thu Mar 26 12:38:30 GMT 2020
Last Published  :Thu Mar 26 12:38:30 GMT 2020
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    If a constituent calls looking for an appropriate account number for non-compensation expenses, check accessTufts .  

    Most active employees (excluding temps and student workers) have access to the list of account codes in Tableau, where you can view, sort, and search the codes. To access more detailed financial information or to review transactions for individual account codes, you will need to log into Data Warehouse.

    The COVID-19 Account # is 5438. 

    Then, if nothing really 'fits', have them use a more generic one, like miscellaneous or general. 

    Note:  account numbers ending in 00 should not be used.  Those accounts are for budget transactions only; not for expenditures.  Also - for IDRs, only an account with a 6 can be processed.

    Travel:  usually, domestic travel is classified as including an overnight stay.  Otherwise, it would be local travel.  For example, a drive to Grafton and back is considered local, 5304.

    Complete Chart of Account information can be found by logging into the Data Warehouse, then click on the Documents tab, then the Financial Reports folder, then selecting Chart of Accounts Report.  It will ask you for a school from which to choose.  Double click the school.  The process will run and account number will be one of  the tabs at the bottom, as well as deptids, grants, etc.

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