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Evidence of Insurability

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First Published  :Mon Nov 02 21:12:45 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Mon Apr 11 17:33:09 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Mon Apr 11 17:33:09 GMT 2022
Summary :  Cases where employees may need to complete an Evidence of Insurability document


Primary Information

    There may be instances where Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is required for the amount of insurance that is being requested that is over the “guaranteed Issue” amount of the policy, which is 3x annual earnings or $750,000. The amount that is over the guarantee issue is what Unum Medical Underwriting will review for approval through the EOI application process.  If your application is approved by Unum, coverage is effective the 1st of the month following approval.

    New Hires:
    Supplemental Employee Life Insurance – Amounts in excess of the lesser of 3 times your annual base salary or $750,000 require Evidence of Insurability as a New Hire.  New Hires will follow the online process described below.

    Open Enrollment or Life Event:
    Supplemental Employee and Dependent Life Insurance and/or Long Term Disability - All applications to become newly enrolled or change to increase the amount of Supplemental Employee, Dependent Life* or LTD insurance will require an online EOI process (see below) to be completed and approval from our insurance company.

    *EOI is not required for Dependent Life for a child (but is for a spouse/DP, unless you the Life Event is marriage and this is your first time eligible for spouse/DP coverage)

    Evidence of Insurability (EOI) Process: 
    Our Insurance carrier Unum will contact employees directly to initiate the EOI process. On an ad-hoc basis and at the end of Open Enrollment, a file feed is sent from TSS to our Insurance carrier so that they have the list to contact our employees. Employees will receive an e-mail from Unum that includes a link to the EOI online process. If you do not receive this e-mail within 2 weeks from your submitted event please reach out to Tufts Support Services to be sure your information has been sent to our carrier.

    The employee will log into the website, register, and complete a Short Form. If additional information is required, a Long Form will appear on the screen. Once the screens are completed, the information is sent directly to Unum, Underwriting.  You do not need to take any further action as Unum will advise you whether or not coverage is approved and will also update the Tufts Benefits group so that payroll deductions can begin.

    If you do not follow the instructions in the e-mail and Unum does not receive a response then a letter will be sent to your home address on file 40 days after your initial information has been received by Unum. The letter will indicate you have an outstanding application with Unum. After 60 days your EOI application will be closed and you will have to re-apply for insurance during a future Open Enrollment or Life Event, which may be subject to different EOI eligibility rules.

Related Information

    Unum Phone Number: 1-800-421-0344
    Access Code & Policy #: 955632




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