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Job Codes

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First Published  :Mon Nov 02 19:36:57 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Tue Dec 31 14:26:15 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Tue Dec 31 14:26:15 GMT 2019
Summary :  Job codes in ePaf


Primary Information

    For Temps, there are three Job Code Options:
    Job CodeDescription
    0109Temp Job
    9010Non-Tufts Hourly Student
    9210Non-Tufts Contract Students
    The Temp Job code can only be HOURLY, as Temps cannot be Salaried.
     The Non-Tufts Contract Students is used for a Non-Tufts Student who is Salaried/Paid Semi-Monthly.
    For Students, Job Code options are associated with the Academic Career. Once the Academic Career is selected, the corresponding Job Codes will populate as options. Note, that when you enter a Temp, the Academic Career field is grayed out and filled with NAPP.
    All of the Academic Careers in the list below will yield the same list of Job Codes 
    (ASEG) AS&E Graduate
    (ASEU) AS&E Undergrad
    (FLTR) Fletcher School
    (NUTR) Friedman School
    (PDPR) TUSM Professional Degree Programs
    (PHPR) TUSM Public Health Programs
    (VETG) Cummings School Grad Program
    (VETP) Cummings School DVM Program
    Job CodeDescription
    9000Tufts Hourly Student Job
    9001Tufts Hourly Stu-non WorkStudy
    9200Tufts Contract Students
    9900Research Assistant (Grad)
    9901Teaching Assistant (Grad)
    9902Resident Assistant (Undergrad)
    9905Resident Assistant
    9906Research Assistant (Grad)
    Academic Careers (DEGD) Dental Advanced Education and (DENT) School of Dental Medicine have their own list of Job Codes
    Job CodeDescription
    9001Tufts Hourly Stu-non WorkStudy
    9030Dental Hourly Student
    9230Dental Contract Student
    Academic Career (MED) School of Medicine has its’ own list of Job Codes- Those with the "Sac" designation are being reprogrammed to remove the Sackler Name 
    MEDSchool of Medicine
    Job CodeDescription
    9001Tufts Hourly Stu-non WorkStudy
    9021Sac/Med 9 Mo Hrly Student
    9022Sac/Med 12 Mo Hrly Student
    9220Sac/Med 12 Mo Progm Cont Studt
    9221Sac/Med 12 Mo Teaching Asst
    9222Sac/Med 9 Mo Teach Asst
    9223Sac/Med 12 mo Research Asst
    Academic Career (SKLR) Sackler School *all of the above plus-In the process of being reprogrammed to remove the Sackler Name  as Sackler is now named Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS)
    9224Sac/Med 9 Mo Research Asst

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