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First Published  :Mon Jul 17 19:40:55 GMT 2017
Last Modified  :Mon Oct 26 17:43:40 GMT 2020
Last Published  :Mon Oct 26 17:43:40 GMT 2020
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Primary Information

    2020-21 Access Tufts Benefits for Postdoctoral Scholars

    Effective 9/1/2019 the Post Doc Health and Dental benefits will be administered by HR Benefits. As of 9/1/2019, Cynthia Lynton and/or SAHA will no longer handle the Postdoc Health and Dental benefits.
    The Post Doc Health plan is the: Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Access Blue New England Value Medical plan, which is an HMO plan. Post Docs residing outside of New England will have the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Blue Care Elect Preferred , which is a PPO plan.

    Vendor Information:

     BCBS Member Services: 800-262-2583
    website: https://planinfo.bluecrossma.com/customblue/2021/tuftsuniversitypostdoctoralscholarplan
    Group 4958935- 004066444 Access Blue New England Enhanced Value (HMO)Post Docs with home address in eServe in CT, ME, MA, NH, RI default to HMO
    Group 4958935- 002363673Blue Care Elect Preferred (PPO)Post Docs with home address in eServe is outside of CT, ME, MA, NH, RI default to the PPO
    Group 4958935- 004066445Post Doc COBRAPost Docs no longer employed who enroll in COBRA

    Starting in 2020 the Post Doc Open Enrollment will occur in the October/November timeframe only just like faculty/staff. There will no longer be an August effective September enrollment. 
    Post Docs will be able to make changes to ALL benefits (including Medical) during the Faculty/staff Open Enrollment. 
    New Hire Enrollment:
    PostDoc New Hires are able to make their New Hire Elections on eServe within 30 days of their start date. Starting on 9/3/2019, they will attend the Benefits portion of the New Hire Orientation, along with the rest of the program which they were already attending.
    The Newly Hired Postdoc receives a New Hire letter which discusses benefits, New hire orientation and the contact info to TSS & the Postdoc Access Tufts Link. As of 3/26/2020, the Post Doc New Hire no longer needs to complete a paper Blue Cross Blue Shield enrollment form, as there is a feed being sent from PeopleSoft to Blue Cross on Tuesdays. 

    Note regarding New Hire Orientation: timeslot to discuss benefits only available to Postdocs (Health, Dental, Retirement plans) is from 9:30am – 9:40am.  
      1. PostDocs then join the rest of the group and all benefits will be discussed.  
      2. Benefits then returns in the afternoon from 2-3pm for 1x1 sessions, when all employees/Post Docs can ask questions about any/all benefits .
    For more information about Medical benefits enrollment, please contact the vendor BCBS. If there are still questions after you speak with the vendor, starting 9/1/19, please contact TSS. Prior to 9/1/19, contact Cynthia Linton at 617-636-2701. 

    Post Docs who are not on Payroll (POIs)
    IMPORTANT: If a Post Doc is not on the Tufts University payroll and wants to enroll in the BCBS Health plan and/or the Delta Dental plan, TSS must provide the Post Doc with the BCBS Enrollment Form and/or the Delta Dental Enrollment Form. The completed forms must be returned to TSS and the Benefits group will work with BCBS and/or Delta Dental to process the enrollment.
    Within 7-14 business days from completing  enrollment forms, the Post Doc will receive a coupon/invoice in the mail from EBPA. The Post Doc will need to make payments to EBPA by sending a check, or via ACH. Payments must be made monthly, within 30 days of receiving the packet from EBPA to keep coverage active. Questions about this Direct Bill process can be directed to EBPA at 888-232-3203. 
    Life Events:
    For Life Events, please log into eServe-Benefit Information-Life Events to initiate the process to change Benefits. Follow the automated workflow. 

    For information about Dental coverage, please see Post Doc Dental Coverage.
    Benefits upon Separation:
    Please see information regarding COBRA , administered by EBPA

    Questions pertaining to other benefits (403b, FSA, Commuter) should be directed to Tufts Support Services


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