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First Published  :Mon Jul 17 19:40:55 GMT 2017
Last Modified  :Fri Apr 27 20:08:34 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Fri Apr 27 20:08:34 GMT 2018
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Primary Information

    New Hire Post Docs will receive information on Aetna Medical Benefits enrollment from Cynthia Linton. The Post Doc should return the Enrollment Form and Payroll Deduction Form (or Waiver Form if not enrolling in Medical coverage) within 31 days of the Hire Date to Cynthia, who will send to Tufts Support Services for processing of the payroll deduction for Medical Benefits.

    The Post Doc Medical Open Enrollment period is over the summer, as the plan year starts September 1st rather than January 1st.  Please read this memorandum from Gianna Vroom, Director.

    Medical Benefits Forms:
    AETNA SBC Brochure
    AETNA Summary of Benefits
    AETNA Enrollment Form
    Postdoctoral Scholars Payroll Deduction Form
    Postdoc Scholars Waiver Form
    AETNA Prescription Mail Order
    AETNA Pharmacy Drug Guide
    AETNA's Informed Health Line
    AETNA's Navigator
    AETNA's Discount Programs
    AETNA's Members-Only Website

    For more information about Medical benefits enrollment, including adding a Dependent or changing Benefits due to a Qualified Status Change, contact Cynthia Linton (617-636-2701).
    Please direct questions related to specific Benefits and Plan Information to Aetna.

    For information about Dental coverage, please see Post Doc Dental Coverage.

    Questions pertaining to other benefits (403b, FSA, Commuter) should be directed to Tufts Support Services

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