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Position Number

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First Published  :Wed Aug 09 04:06:29 GMT 2017
Last Modified  :Thu Mar 24 13:50:36 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Thu Mar 24 13:50:36 GMT 2022
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Primary Information

    Any hire who will be paid on Tufts payroll must be hired into a position number. Position numbers are used to help plan department budgets. The compensation group in Human Resources manages the creation and de-activation of position numbers. There are seven pieces of information needed in order to set up a position number. These are:

    Effective Date
    Job Title
    Supervisor name
    Building location
    Department name
    What funding source - deptid or grant

    To submit a new hire ePAF for faculty or a post doc, you will need to have a position number.  It is best to request the position number when you know that you will be recruiting to fill a role, so that you have it ready when you need to complete the hire ePAF.

    Requesting Position Numbers

    For faculty and post docs, request a new position number by emailing TSS with the subject "request a position number." The email should contain the six data points listed above. TSS Tier 1 will code the case with the process level "position request." Based on the school or division, the case will route to the correct Budget Center analyst. The analyst will review the request and send it on to HR Compensation, to create a new position number. The new position number will be communicated back to the requester and the Budget Center via Salesforce case. The requester can then provide the new position number to the department within their School or Division.

    For staff, please direct questions about position numbers or requests for new position numbers to the HR Business Partner for that school or division.


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