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Retiree Health and Dental

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First Published  :Thu Aug 17 04:00:12 GMT 2017
Last Modified  :Tue Dec 06 18:27:07 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Tue Dec 06 18:27:07 GMT 2022
Summary :  Reference for benefits eligible employees/retirees who have inquiries about Retiree Health at Tufts University. Audience: Benefits Eligible Employees and their Eligible Dependents


Primary Information

    Visit access.tufts.edu/considering-retirement  for retiree health/dental benefit information, planning resources, rates, and vendor contacts.  Retiree health and dental benefits are available to eligible retirees who are age 60 or older with 5 years of eligible service, or if the sum of their age and eligible service equals 75. Retirees hired prior to 1/1/94 are eligible for a health plan subsidy.


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